Walmart Black Friday 2020: Best Early Deals

Walmart Black Friday 2020: Best Early Deals

A type of our top-pick robot vacuum

Photo: Irobot

Iroboat Romba 670
Deal Price: 7 177; Street Price: $ 250

If you’re tired of pulling a vacuum every few days, why not assign that duty to that reliable robot vacuum instead? And if you get to pick and choose, you can’t do better than Romba. Although the iroboat Romba 670 is a variant of our top choice, the Romba 675, it is similar to that model. In fact, Wirecutter senior staff writer and vacuum guru Liam McCabe calls it “another copy of the Romba 66, just a different ending.” The Rumba 600. Series M models are very nice in Dales cleaning blankets because they have two brush rolls opposite each other and they can effectively clean 1,000 square feet or more. (Although the navigation is semi-random, try not to laugh too hard when the butt sometimes spins in circles.)

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An affordable robot vacuum

Photo: UFI

UFI Robovec 25c
Deal Price: . 99; Street price: $ 200

If you’re working with a tight budget (or if you’re just trying to build a fleet of robot butlers), the Euphi RoboVac 25C is a good option. On sale for વેચાણ 99, this robot vacuum is a variant of our budget pick, the UFI RoboVake 11S. If you have any qualms about buying a variant versus the Virector Peak, let Lim calm your nerves: “He’s the same zombie robot.” Inexpensive and efficient, this robot vacuum fits under more furniture than the rest of our choices, as it quietly moves from room to room. Although it lacks the ability to repair (unlike Romba), it is still a great option for anyone on a tight budget.

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