Wave energy: Ocean Energy coordinates the Vedusa project

Wave energy: Ocean Energy coordinates the Vedusa project

Irish Ocean Energy, after testing its technology that exploits wave motion to produce electricity in Hawaii, will coordinate the European project WEDUSEA

Irish ocean energy After successfully testing its technology, which uses waves to produce electricity, in Hawaii, the European project will coordinate WEDUSEA and build a 1MW power plant off the coast of Scotland.

OceanEnergy, supported by Enterprise Ireland, Government Agency for Development and the first VC in Europe, Developed the device to generate energy from the most waves large capacityTo in the world. This innovative technology produces energy in a safe, sustainable and cost-effective manner.

soon,Europe canTo Get power from ocean waves and become independent from the point of Energy visualization through the use of renewable resources.

Project WEDUSEA It is part of the European program Horizon Europe which aims to create concrete solutions to combat climate change and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals recommended by the United Nations.

WEDUSEA stands for,Wave energy display on a utility scale to enable tabulations., Half of the 19.6 million euro project was funded by the Horizon Europe programme, 5.3 million by Innovate UK and the rest by private companies. Fourteen companies and universities from Ireland, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Spain participated in the four-year programme.

Largest wave power generator in the world

OceanEnergy has developed the largest wave energy generator in the world: the,OE35. The device floats on the surface of the ocean with an open bottom,the water it’s stuck with l,wind: following the speed of the waves, l,The wind is driven through a turbine which runs to generate electricity.

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floating device of ocean energy It consists of only one moving part and all equipment is contained in a dry environment. maintenance, Thus, it is easy and does not require scuba diving.

unlike most implants analogues, ocean energy This is completed with plenty of onboard storage space. This storage is essential and allows you to supply power for many applications such as data centers, desalination plants, Plants for the production of hydrogen and aquaculture.

as the professor explains Tony Lewis, Chief Ocean Energy Technical Officer: “L’Wave energy is the world’s most valuable and sustainable renewable resource, but it is still not fully realized. This European project will demonstrateTo The technology is mature and ready for large scale industrialization. In the not too distant future it will be the natural energy of the ocean that will be powering the electricity grids”,

Soon, tests will start onEuropean Marine Energy Center Test Site To the Isles of Orkney, Scotland.

Mathijs Soed of the European Commission says: ,We hope that WEDUSEA will grow AleTechnologies for harvesting energy from waves in collaboration with partners with multidisciplinary backgrounds. This will be instrumental in achieving the 1 GW target for 2030 presented in our Offshore Renewable Energy Strategy. The current energy crisis shows that it is important to use multiple sources to ensure Ale‘supply’,

what is the energy of the waves

The World Economic Forum has estimated that if wave energy were fully harnessed on a global basis, it could meet all of the world’s electricity needs.

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waves the marines have a lot of moneyTo Renewable and reliable energy. In fact, the density of waves is highestTo of energy compared to other renewable sources such as wind, solar, biomass and geothermal. This means that waves can make a significant contribution to the flexibility of the global energy mix.,

Several countries, including Australia, China, Denmark, Italy, Korea, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States, are currently developing technologies that Winding way The US Energy Information Administration has calculated that waves around the US coast could potentially supply 64% of electricity.To Of that country


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