“We are working closely with the development of supra-municipal tourism initiatives”

Distretto Turistico, Italiani: "Stiamo lavorando in stretta sinergia per lo sviluppo di iniziative turistiche sovracomunali"

The Val di Magra and Val di Vara Tourist District, established by the decision of the Ministry of Tourism in late 2017, continues its activity following various convocation ceremonies and meetings promoted by the Mayor of Sarazana in recent months. “Member organizations and trade associations, with Sarazana as leader – Roberto Italian’s commentary, Councilor for Tourism of Sarazana Municipality – have prepared an ambitious application for contributions related to the recovery plan with additional membership of the Larci municipality.” On 3 April the Prime Minister was sent to the Ministry of Economy, Liguria Region and La Spezia Province.

The proposal presented a wide range of infrastructural, environmental, cultural and social projects, including an area that runs from La Spezia to Luni, and which embraces the coast and Val di Magra and Val de Vara. Apart from the obvious hopes that the projects presented will be taken into consideration, the very interesting fact that must be underlined is a sense of close coordination and cooperation among all the participants. Spirit, which today and in the future, incorporates different realities, develops several tourist initiatives with supra-municipal value and scope. I am thinking of the Via Franciaga, on which we are already collaborating, in the Iter project from Fidenza to the sea, the synergy with the Emilian and Tuscan squares and then the way to the palace, which is for history and beauty, my Believes that there is nothing to be jealous of Loire or Scotland.

The Memorandum of Understanding, signed by mayors and institutions, edited by technicians Fabio Bocardi, Stefano Milano and Sabrina Vitali, and “Next Generation EU Terre Terre di Luna”, which form the basis for jointly developing the feasibility of the plan, with actions and integrated . The program to be presented under the chairmanship of the Council and with which to contribute to the utilization of the loans entrusted to Europe through the Recovery Fund to Italy. As indicated in the protocol, the Sarzana municipality will have the task of coordinating the overall process of executing the intervention envisaged in the Act, the other municipalities currently involved are Emiglia, Arcola, BolaƱo, Castellanovo, Larsi, Luni , Santo Stefano, Vejano and Val di Vara Kallis’ four, Rochetta, Sesta Godano and Jignago. The Protocol will in any case be open to bodies, institutions, business representatives, foundations, universities, educational structures, credit institutions and companies interested in the implementation of projects.

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Since the flow and investment processes of the Recovery Plan Fund currently being withdrawn by the government are yet to be defined, the document aims to present a range of broader opportunities in the field. Regarding the Tourist District, Mayor Christina Ponzelli has already sent the convocation for next week, with the agenda expected to govern the district.

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