We entered the metaverse and enjoyed it

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The first step in the adventure is registration and like any other exercise in joining a community, it takes utterly mundane patience, more virtuous than virtual. Unlike a real trip, there is no baggage, if not cultural, and everyone has a different, colorful and weighed down by their own prejudices and most eccentric fantasies.

Does entering another universe mean leaving the universe we are living in? It sounds like a ridiculous question, but it is a basic question. The thought of leaving one’s world excites and frightens. For this reason a thousand protests arise and one is immediately prompted to compare and declare: There is nothing better than a genuine hug; An authentic and possibly, a real walk under clear sky will not be comparable to any virtual reality. In practice, we immediately think that the metaverse must be the negation of something, a place we go to when we are desperate for the absence of reality, as was the case during lockdown.

The very first thing to do is to leave heavy clothes at home for a moment and try to wear light clothes. so looking forward to joining sandboxOne of the main virtual places that makes up the next metaverse, the best part is to pack only 4 items:

  1. A map with general information about the place we are going to explore
  2. really curious to see what it is
  3. Pineapple Pizza Eating Ideas
  4. an extra pair of sneakers

map with all information

Let’s start right away from the map with the information that is always very useful, interesting, but no less fun. The purpose of the journey we’re about to face is to introduce us to one of the many places of “social interaction of the next future,” he tells us. Arnaud Kamphuis Content creator and community manager sandbox,
“It’s a world built on virtual land where you can create, play and monetize your interactions within offering many more different experiences”.

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Even if we’re not completely hungry for games, virtual concerts, exhibitions, shopping, and meetings without flesh or bones with other creatures like us, the thrill of seeing what it is is strong. “Always remember: anyone in the Metaverse can be an active user as well as a passive one and can create and sell digital objects such as paintings, game objects or avatar outfits”, continues Virgil, and even as our group journey Don’t be directed to hell, some fears materialize as soon as he says: “The economy is based on the blockchain technology that makes cryptocurrencies work, and on NFTs, non-fungible digital objects that, unlike money, are supposed to be unique.” Reasons can be bought and sold. Users”.


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