“We remained Scottish, British and European before and after Brexit” – Corriere.it

in the period Scotland we celebrate Burns Night. Rabbi Burns is our great poet, a man who translated his boundless passion for life into verses of incomparable intelligence and brilliance. Usually, but unfortunately not this year, we get together for a dinner Haggis, Drink whiskey and recite the lines of our illustrious poet. Burns Night is an extraordinary event for Scots and their descendants around the world. It is a celebration not only of the poet but of the true meaning of being Scottish. So I invite you toast (strictly with whiskey) not only for our most exported product, but also in the deep bond of friendship between the countries of Scotland and the European Union.

The uk left theThe European Union, But it remains an outward-looking global nation, always with a strong relationship with Europeans and our continent’s neighbors, with whom we remain friends and allies. L ‘a settlement There is an agreement reached by the UK and the European Union on Christmas Eve that encompasses countless aspects, not just trade, but which will continue our cooperation on security, transport, energy, social security and health care Forms the basis. We in the United Kingdom will certainly not give up the pleasure of driving Italian cars and using thousands of other products from all over Europe. And I am sure you too will continue to enjoy the great produce of Scotland, be it our exceptional seafood, our world famous whiskey or our premium Kashmiri. Soon we will be able to rejuvenate on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, and we hope that you too will return to visit our majestic mountains, our fascinating lakes and our magical valleys. Or maybe you will come and play a round of golf.

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In an article published in this newspaper a few weeks ago, Nikola SturgeonThe leader of the Scottish National Separatist Party and the Prime Minister of the Scottish Government have indicated that all this may come to an end.

I can assure you that this will not be the case.

Nicola Sturgeon argued that, of all UK residents, only the Scots share the main value for European citizens. This is also not true. All of us in Britain, like the countries of the European Union, care about the rule of law, democracy, freedom of expression and human rights. We recognize our collective obligation to care for the environment – and in the sense that I look forward to welcoming our beautiful city of Glasgow to Europe and the world for the Global Climate Conference later this year. COP26, which we organize in cooperation. With Italy. We see ourselves as an integral part of a global community that has so much to offer. Britain’s decision to leave EU institutions has not changed. 300 years of strong ties have united Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. We have a shared culture and history. We have done a fantastic job together with our colleagues at home and in the rest of the world.

The vote to leave the European Union was on the line, but it was a democratic and honest decision. Nicola Sturgeon refuses to accept this decision and does not speak on behalf of Scotland, but only to advance its cause: to dissolve the UK and trample our shared history of 300 years. I look at my future differently.

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For Scotland to thrive, it must be at the heart of a prosperous UK, which of course maintains a close relationship with the European Union based on mutual interests and the shared values ​​of all of us. My message on Burns Night is this: We are Scottish, British and European in Scotland. We can be all of these things at the same time. And we are proud to have you as friends.

* London Minister for Scotland

January 25, 2021 (Change January 25, 2021. 12:36)

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