We return today to talk about Kappa Future Celebration – CittAgorà

We return today to talk about Kappa Future Celebration - CittAgorà
Parco Dora is the venue for the concerts of the Kappa Future Festival (image of the Kappa Future Festival website).

The success of the Today and Kappa Future festival last summer is analyzed at Palazzo Civico. The Culture Commission, coordinated by Lorenza Patriarca (PD), listened to the organizers of the concerts starting with Maurizio Vitale, the artistic director of the Kappa Future Festival. Eighty-five thousand spectators from one hundred and five countries danced to electronic music offered by one of the most famous shows, which was ranked among the top three in Europe. In the first three days of July, from noon to midnight, Parco Dora hosted ninety artists. – Eighteen Italians, eleven of whom are from Turin – in four phases established in the former industrial district. Vitale explained that it is the only Italian exhibition sponsored by the European Commission: “It was difficult to achieve economic balance but this year we were successful”. Then, in response to the categories, they renewed their satisfaction with the performance of the final edition of the festival, now in its ninth year: hotel attendance and business activity tended to be good and the airport’s result was an excellent July attendance record. . We contribute to our import of digital youth into Turin, he concluded, thanks to intellectual contributions to the city and concessions received for the occupation of public lands, some convenience from the municipal police service, Berser. From the private sector, we moved on to today’s public review, a project of the Municipality of Turin, created by the Turin Culture Foundation. The Secretary of the Foundation, Alessandro Isaia, specified that the cost of the exhibition is covered by the sponsors by fifty percent. The ticket sales performance was also excellent: the concerts collected and sold 169 thousand euros. From Friday 26 to Sunday 28 August more than ten thousand people arrived at Spazio211 and the former Incet factory in the northern region of Turin. Thirty hours of music, sixteen bands and four DJ sets (ten unique dates in Italy), ninety international artists – from the United States, Australia, England, Scotland, Sweden, Germany, France and Belarus – created a stage for revived urban venues. It is in the barrier of Milan. More than 48 percent of the audience came from England, France, Austria, Slovenia, Sweden, Holland, Germany, Ireland, Morocco and the United States, as well as all Italian territories. Artistic director Gianluca Gozzi also recalled, among many, the remarks of Gino Castaldo, who in a press review of nearly two thousand pages defined Todays as an exemplary celebration, where the name ‘Barrera di Milano’ is the most cited. The word is. Our core idea is to bring out young European artists.

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(Roberto Tartara)


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