Wedding of Don Jaime de Bourbon delle Du Sicily and Lady Charlotte Diana Lindsay Bethune in the Cathedral of Monreale

Wedding of Don Jaime de Bourbon delle Du Sicily and Lady Charlotte Diana Lindsay Bethune in the Cathedral of Monreale

Royal wedding in Sicily. Palermo returns to the state capital for a few days, re-establishing ancient ties with the French Bourbon-Orleans family. Don Jaime di Bourbon delle du Sicily, Duke of Noto and great-grandson of Paris, today attended a wedding in the Cathedral of Monreale, with the charming Scottish noblewoman Charlotte Diana Lindsay-Bethune. More than two hundred guests, including many aristocratic descendants and descendants of distinguished families, met in the capital of Sicily to celebrate the newlyweds. Origin of floral dresses, robes covered with wispy hats, silk dresses long or below the knee for women, shawls and sophisticated fascinators, colourists, kilts for men, and more (many tights and morning dresses), The bride to be remembered (the father also accompanied his daughter to the altar in a tartan vest, green and brown, with the colors of the family clan). And all with a mask and green pass to follow anticovid rules. (Gallery)

Lace dress for the bride, in part worn by Grace Kelly at her wedding to Ranieri di Monaco, with earrings and a pearl tiara. Chinese paper suit for mother, however, Diana Marie Chamberlain-MacDonald with brooch on lapel and wide-brimmed hat, mother of the groom, Spanish-born Sofia Landalus y Melarejo, opted for a long pink suit and a lace mantille black.

Directed by the last king of the Two Sicilies, Francesco II, nephew of the infant Carlos di Bourbon-du Sicily, and Anna d’Orléans, 27, holding a law degree and a master’s degree in business administration, Don Jaime was one of them by the years Lindsay’s 16th. The most humble golden bachelor, until his meeting with the very young and charming daughter of the Earl. Glamorous couple, but not social, reserved, lovers of travel, today a special day for them in Palermo, surrounded by the affection of parents, brothers, uncles, cousins ​​(many), from Bourbons, of course, to Habsburgs .

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A ceremony that broke even the dramatic magic of the pandemic took place in a city closely associated with the Bourbons – Orléans (the Count and Countess of Paris in exile, were married in the cathedral of Palermo on April 8, 1931). And this isn’t the first time that Italy has emerged as a royal wedding destination. Last July, Lady Dee’s granddaughter Kitty Spencer chose Villa Aldobrandini in Frascati to marry industrialist Michael Lewis and in 2014 the granddaughters of Paola De Leggi and the current King of Belgium, and Elisabetta Rosboch von Volkenstein at Amedeo d’Esburgo- Estes was chosen. To get married opted for the capital and the Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere.

Still under the yoke of covid, many guests were hosted yesterday in Sicilian palaces such as the Aliata di Pietragliata princes hosting a ‘place’ dinner for 90 people, divided into three tables, one The family lunch, an Aristo-Clan are happy to share and participate in the wedding of the newlyweds, but above all to find themselves, after months of waiting and being apart, finally together.

Tonight some guests will meet at Palazzo Alietta, and another group will meet at Palazzo Mazzarino. “The doors of Palermo open – tells us a Palermo doctor – at these hours our city is enjoying a special nightlife. A royal reception, associated with the wedding of Don Jaime d’Orleans and Charlotte Lindsay-Bethune – He says – but welcoming is part of the nature of Sicilian, it is inherent in each of us. We want to make everyone feel at home, princes and immigrants”.

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