Welcome to Henderson! Fast scotsman in center

  Welcome to Henderson!  Fast scotsman in center

In Vicenza’s victory over the field, Henderson’s winning idea, the author of a 2–1 hit, was seminal.

Liam Henderson took Lacey down with her head, with mobility and a few words. The network against Bercy fulfills the guarantee given by the Scotsman in the economy of the formation of Corini. His way of interpreting the role on Trocker, to which we devoted a deeper analysis some time ago, is suited to the intensity of the play and the dribble that the Brassia coach has focused on to identify his Lassé. Starting in 11 of the last 12 matches, Henderson has also become irreplaceable due to physical problems faced by Menderaso and Listkowski. In any case, the Scotsman has also recently moved up a notch over the captain, although recently, there was a mismatch between the owners’ contributions and those working on them, with the benefits ensured by five changes. Talking is almost unacceptable now. Race.

Always out. In Vicenza, Henderson has signed his third goal of the season. The right jaw to defeat Grand, who came after a huge opportunity not exploited by the red and white Vandapute, is added to the signatures associated with Askoli and Chiavari. The 24-year-old thus equaled the goals collected two years ago at Hellas Verona, the highest record in the Serie B at the Scottish Championships, however, Henderson scored five goals (one in the playoffs) with the Siberian in 2015 Were done. / 2016

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