What did Nicola Sturgeon say in her speech today?

What did Nicola Sturgeon say in her speech today?


icola Sturgeon expects home stay restrictions to ease in Scotland by 5 April.

The Prime Minister told the Scottish Parliament that ‘if all goes according to plan’ the country would withdraw the ‘Tier’ system of the coronovirus ban from 26 April, with all the council areas moving to Tier 3.

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What did Nicola Sturgeon announce?

The headline is that the Scottish Government hopes to remove the Home Stay ban by 5 April.

Speaking to members of the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday, Ms Sturgeon said the lockdown would be facilitated in stages, set aside for at least three weeks, resulting in the removal of the stay order in the house and on 5 April There will be complete restoration of education.

Once the lock is lifted, Scotland will return to the tier system.

Older secondary stage students in secondary schools, along with the rest of the primary school years, will be part of the second phase – which will not take place before March 15 – with an increase in the outdoor mix from two people to four people.

Community worship, a further expansion of the outdoor mix and greater freedom in the retail trade are also expected from April 5.

How long will it take Scotland to become ‘normal’?

The Scottish Prime Minister said she was “optimistic” about restoring “more normal” to people’s lives in the coming months.

Announcing Scotland’s revised road map to be out of lockdown, Nicola Sturgeon said the Scots would have to make some compromises in the near future to see a long-term unlock in the country.

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She said: “It is important to stress that, of course, all this now continues to remove the virus – and to accept some trade-offs for a period of time, say for international travel.

“However, if we do, I am optimistic that we can make good progress in making our lives and our economy more normal.

“I know that it is still a prudent approach, which is absolutely necessary to control the virus and protect health, is extremely difficult for many companies.”

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Will Scotland’s lockdown be lifted in stages?

If Nicola Sturgeon said that Scotland would return to the regional level system from last week in April, the virus would continue to be removed.

The Prime Minister told the MSP that the five-tier system, separated by advisory sectors, would return and he hoped that from Level 4 they could fall to Level 3, which is necessary to reopen sectors such as non-retail.

She said: “So it is from the last week of April that we expect a gradual but significant reopening of the economy, including non-essential retail, hospitality and services such as gym and hairdressers.

“And, of course, the more we get vaccinated and the more we all follow the rules right now, the faster the speed of security is likely to increase – if we all stay together, our progress will be greater. . “

How many people have been vaccinated?

The latest figures show that more than 1.4 million people have now suffered their first trauma, and it is now available to people with underlying health conditions and unpaid care.

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Will travel restrictions end?

Not yet. Ms Sturgeon said the travel ban in Scotland would remain “for some time”.

Unveiling the revised non-lockdown roadmap in the Scottish Parliament, the Prime Minister said it was important that the cases of the virus, especially new variants of the virus, were not imported into the country.

He said: ‘We saw over the summer how new cases were imported into Scotland, after the virus was almost gone. We do not want this to happen again.

“In particular, we do not want to import new variants of the virus, which may be more resistant to the vaccines we are currently using.

“This is why the policy framework rightly values ​​the importance of both travel restrictions and testing and protection. They will help us reduce the restrictions safely. “

When is the next update scheduled?

Ms Sturgeon said she hopes to be able to provide more information in mid-March on loosening restrictions in Scotland.

The Prime Minister said he hoped the lockdown could be reduced by the end of April, with all areas of the Council in Scotland then moving to Level 3 of its exhausting outlook.

While she said she hopes to give “as much clarity as possible” on Tuesday when she announced the new approach, Ms. Sturgeon said she wanted to “avoid giving false assurances or choose arbitrary dates,” Which has no basis in evaluating this objective. ”.

She went on to say: “I am as confident as possible that the indicative staged timetable I have set today – from now until the end of April, when the economy will reopen to a large extent – is justified.

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“And in mid-March – while we’ve made further progress on vaccines and a better understanding of the impact of the initial phase of back-to-school – I hope we can tell the news in more detail. Reopening. .In April and May and in summer where we expect to live with much greater freedom than today.


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