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Report cards of Osho’s 2020 Adenkronos, from Matarella to Conte and Salvini

By the end of the year Enzo Bonayuto, also for the time to assess and report cards that the satirical stage name of Osho’s king, Federico Pulmeroli, compiled for Adenkronos, a vote and above all the decision, always in his unmistakable style, the characters. To. The most important institutional and politician bellspace: apparently beginning with Quirinale’s tenant and head of government, ending with the leaders of the major political forces represented in Parliament. A ‘professor’ liberal in his grades but sharp in his decisions … MATTARELLA – “He thought the yellow-green government’s crisis was the final hassle before the worthy white semester … and instead, he still had this’ N ‘had to deal with it. ” Another disaster: Renzi and his danger of crisis. Sources in Quirinley state that in the omphanity hypothesis of the government’s collapse, the President of the Republic let the sentence escape: “It seems that no one finds them harmful”! Press for acceleration of construction sites unblocking, to ensure a happy future “. Rating: 9 COUNT -” The undisputed hero of this 2020, for better or worse. Palazzo Chigi’s live show has captivated more than ‘Sentiari’, the magazine ‘Kshetri da Kolar’ is in its fifth reprint, to be told its official experience. In a fantasy for Rae 1 starring BPE Fiorello. He lacks individualism and this often leads him to confrontations with colleagues who accuse him of “doing everything by himself, even if he is not Pelé”. He came to the infamous Pantone, he would succeed Magsay. The Frap Rating: 9 DI MAIO – “Shut up, kitty kitty, after ending poverty, he managed to reduce the number of MPs to the first of the 5 stars who now turned the mixed group into a party Is. Weight. From an “ever with the Democratic Party” to an alliance with the Democratic Party, from “outside the Euro” to Merkel Endorsements, JE opened an account in Banca Etruria and completed development. The qualification was. Kovid English, first words of the coronovirus “. Rating: 10 ZINGARETTI – “He was only thought of as a phantomsegoric governor of the region and instead he also proved to be an extraordinary party secretary. Thanks to the campaign” A Grilino “. He brought the Democratic Party back to government. Worse with the “Embrace a Chinese” campaign … “. Rating: 9 years old -” If the epidemic had come in 2019 and the disco had stopped, it would still be in government. Since the summer of papaya, everything has been badly eroded: it has lost the ministry, it has lost regional clubs in Emilia Romagna. , He lost in Tuscany, they destroyed the security decryptors (which he really cared about), he went to trial in Catania … maybe it is appropriate to bring a garland to help because it made us There are some problems for the last year. What has never passed is hunger ”. Rating: 6 Mellon – “This has become Conte’s nightmare, in the Chamber’s sessions he faced it with such a harp that now the premiere, while passing the plate, is reflected in the mirror like a little girl Protestist” The Ring “His party grows in elections every month, but deep down he also thinks it would be better to go and vote in 2023, when we are all adults and vaccinated … because he will face an epidemic with others , Because DPME is always meejo… ”. Rating: 8 for OSHO, well: His satire has far outlasted it on the media and on social media, making it Romesco’s universal language … photographic caption. Vote? Undoubtedly deserves a 10 co-accolades: must go on OSHO!

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