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Joe Biden talks about “disastrous consequences” if Donald Trump doesn’t sign recovery plan

As unemployment benefits are ending for millions of Americans, future US President Joe Biden on Saturday warned of “disastrous consequences” if Donald Trump does not sign – as he threatened – the latest economic adopted by Congress Incentive package. Future US President Joe Biden warned on Saturday, December 26, if Donald Trump does not sign, “disastrous consequences” for millions of Americans. Sensing the danger, the huge economic reform plan adopted by the Congress. After several months of negotiations, US lawmakers on Monday adopted plans to support the $ 900 billion economy but rejected, among other things, an increase in direct aid to Donald Trump’s weakest homes, “This disastrous consequences of responsibilities have disastrous consequences”, which Biden warned, particularly for the termination on Saturday, the allocation of unemployment for 10 million people and the termination of the current funding of state services on 28 December. The amendment, blocked by the Republican majority, “required this bill, it must now be signed to be implemented”, the president-elect Democrat said in the press conference, emphasizing “the economic devastation caused by Kovid-19”. But the Republican billionaire refused to confirm the text moment by moment. He believes the $ 600 planned for the lowest income, the amount approved by his Secretary of the Treasury during negotiations with Congress, is insufficient and demands that the amount be increased to $ 2,000 per adult. “I just want to give. A very nice $ 600 instead of $ 2,000 to the very good people who are currently in the bill,” he repeated on Twitter on Saturday. Democrats tried to do so on Thursday in favor of increased aid. Vote an amendment to this effect in the House of Representatives, but it was blocked by the Republican minority. A session is scheduled for Monday, but given the ups and downs of recent months, yet another dramatic turn from elected officials or Trump n. A presidential veto ending the last government aid adopted in the spring would indeed have disastrous consequences for SMEs, and especially for millions of Americans for seconds. Operators of the hotel, restaurant and air transport industries, whose activity should once again suffer from new travel restrictions due to the explosion of the Kovid-19 transition. The latest government aid adopted in the spring. Part of the massive $ 2.2 trillion support plan ended Saturday evening due to economic damage from the epidemic. Tenants or owners struggling to pay their rent or mortgage may be evicted on 1 January. Current funds for state services also expire on Monday, with paralysis threatening part of the federal administration (“shutdown” Joe Biden felt, with his presidential victory in November, “made clear to the American people It is time for continued action and compromise by both parties. “” I was encouraged. While giving this message to members of Congress, “he said,” Donald Trump said “they should join.” AFP with

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