Whiskey Premier: Roth’s District Now on Spy – Rohr, Hilpolstein, Schwabach

Whiskey Premier: Roth's District Now on Spy - Rohr, Hilpolstein, Schwabach

– It doesn’t always have to be Scotland or Ireland. Excellent whiskey also comes from Lietelshof in the municipality of Rohr. The single malt was composed and distilled by Christian Müller, host of “Lindenschenke”.

It is season for the wonderful beer garden at a typical Franconian tavern. But this Sunday evening, Leitelshofer “Lindenschenke” focuses on an unusual type of barley juice: the Roth district’s first whiskey. Mind you, whiskey, not whiskey. “Written in Scottish without an e,” explains Christian Muller, who also runs a small distillery. “After all, it’s the same malt.”

“Only Gesture From Malt”

Single Malt: This is the keyword for the relaxed anticipation of perfect enjoyment for whiskey pals. In the context of distillation, single malt means: “Whiskey is made only from barley malt,” explains Muller. Translated to the masses: the finest whiskey.

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Whiskey from the Roth District: Even district administrator Herbert Eckstein, who knows every corner of his district, has never experienced it. “I’m really excited,” he says as one of the guests of honor at this local whiskey tasting. Rohr mayor Felix Frolich feels the same way: “I’m looking forward to the first sip.”

“Excellent and nice and gentle”

“So let’s have a toast”, Christian Muller shouts and raises his glass with about 20 guests. A small sip with great pleasure. “Hmm,” says Herbert Eckstein. “I’m not whiskey– Expert, but it’s really nice and gentle. “Felix Frolich doesn’t even drink any whiskey, he doesn’t have a single bottle at home, but he can change:” Excellent, excellent. Something for special occasions.”

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The compliment goes to Christian Mueller. In addition to his tavern, he has a distillery in which he makes fruit brandies and liqueurs. and whiskey. This Sunday he introduces his three-year-old. The lighter note is no coincidence. “My whiskey ain’t beaten, I don’t like it that much.”

Whiskey is a cult. Not only in Scotland, Ireland and the United States, the classic whiskey country, where Irish and Americans write it with an e. But whiskey is also a kind of secret science, the recipes are carefully guarded.

two camps

Simplifications are indeed prohibited, but no orientation should be allowed: Scottish whiskey fans divide themselves into two camps, oh what: in two worldviews. Some people like whiskey, such as from Islay Island, a peat rock in the Atlantic off the west coast. Anyone who drinks it will feel the power of ten wind on the palate.

In terms of flavor, others are more at home on the east coast, in the valley of the Spye River. The famous Whiskey Trail also runs there, a mecca for connoisseurs of milky varieties. Therefore Lietelshof not only belongs to the municipality of Rohr. On the whiskey map, it’s in Spy Valley.

“Whiskey is the supreme discipline”

Christian Müller is also satisfied with his first work: “slender, pleasant, beautiful color, fine wood taste.” Their premiere product is exactly what they envisioned three years ago. But where did the idea come from? “On a trip to Austria, when my friend Markus Scheider and I brought a distillery,” Müller says. “Then Marcus suddenly asked: Why don’t you actually make whiskey?”

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Chat is the beginning of a new passion. “Whiskey is tempting. As diverse as Franconian beer. And so complex, it’s crazy,” says Müller excitedly. A real challenge for every burner. Fruit schnapps and liqueurs also need to be manipulated, there’s no question about it. “But whiskey is the supreme discipline.”

50 hours for 30 liters

Christian Muller has devoted himself to this. He bought a barrel made of American white oak for over 300 euros. When whiskey tastes good, you can taste it. Distilling was a marathon. First rough brandy, then fine brandy and finally hand sifting. And it is always necessary to keep an eye on the mash in the still. an act of strength. Christian Muller reports, “It took me about 50 hours for a 30-liter drum.” “My family brought me food to the distillery.”

He especially thanks the Barthelmesaurach brewer Jörg Gündel, from whom he got this plant. At the same time he apologizes to her: “We have closed your brewery for three days for my whiskey.” Jörg Gündel shakes his hand in a good mood: “I would do anything for a good whiskey.”

Second Premiere: Whiskey Bratwurst

Gustenfelden’s butcher Jürgen Roskopf adheres to a similar motto: I do everything with whiskey—at least the delicious whiskey sausage, which ensures a second tasting premiere. The recipe for it is the same as in whiskey: the answer is a smiling silence. Christian Müller clarifies everything: “Drivers need not worry. The sausages are fried, the wine is out.”

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You can enjoy the new Whiskey and Whiskey Sausage exclusively at Lietelshof’s Lindenschenke. “The barrel has to last a year,” jokes Christian Muller. But the supply has already been secured. Whiskeys that are five and even ten years old are already set and do the same thing that makes whiskeys whiskey: they mature.


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