Whitburger employee shocks customer by flipping over order, but has a good excuse

Whitburger employee shocks customer by flipping over order, but has a good excuse

Old habits die hard.

An ex Dairy Queen The ticket went viral on ok k for forgetting where she was working when an employee was serving her drink to a customer earlier this month.

Tickets are loaded by the user with Dairy Queen Trick Scook music.

The woman, who appears to be working Whatburger, Judging by his uniform, is filmed walking towards a car with a large soda. Once she got close to the car, she reportedly immediately flipped it over.

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“Oops, I was working on Dairy Queen,” he says.

“You were working on the Dairy Queen?” The customer is heard saying. “OK.”

An employee of W Dairy Tuberger instinctively flipped over drinks due to his former job at Dairy Queen.

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As part of the fast-food chain’s policy, Dairy Queen employees are expected to serve guests the brand’s signature ice cream blizzards under the lid.

The funny video went viral quickly on ticket tickets with over 2.6 million views, and people are empathizing with the woman.

“My sister works at DQ and she said she always drinks up.”

“This happened to me at McDonald’s and the girl dropped my ice cream,” another commented.

However, there were some suspects.

“Why was he just recording anywhere?” One person asked, echoing many others.

Whether on stage or not, the customer was still found to be without their drinks. There has been no update about the status of the customer’s drink, but assuming it will be delivered next time it is safe, it stays straight.

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