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I am an architect from Turin, and I have been working and living in the UK for over 20 years. In Scotland, I work in Glasgow Municipality and I deal with urban regeneration strategies, sustainability, city building, circular economy, etc… A few months ago I was approached by an Italian headhunter who gave me a job in Rome was offered. , in the public, in an institution that wanted to create a new urban regeneration department. After two conversations with two headhunters who proposed the “good cop, bad cop” model again – why then? If you want to offer me a job because you have to be rude and aggressive – I’m told the next step will be an interview with Eng. XY of the institution itself. I contacted ING XY on LinkedIn to open a dialogue while I await the interview. ING read, but did not respond. After about 6 weeks I was told that the selection has been put on hold and the role has been filled by an internal candidate. This will happen. I rewrote Engg. XY said that I understood the role was no longer available, but given the similar roles we played, we can stay in touch for future knowledge exchanges. Reads ing, but does not respond. Have I lived in the UK for too long, where it is considered extremely rude not to respond to a colleague? Where in another organization is it a common gesture to approach a colleague, and in Italy it is perhaps considered a cheeky gesture instead? I am not ashamed because I was given the opportunity to return to Italy, in a role in which I could “give back” the experience gained in public in another country, present a different point of view, etc. After all, he stopped me before the interview, so no bitterness. But how else did the engineer’s lack of respect bothered me. I hope that my future experiences with transparent processes will be more positive as PNRR wishes!

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paola pasino[email protected]

Dear Architect Pasino, I understand your irritation. The issue goes far beyond public administration: in Italy many people in every field do not respond to emails professionally. And if he does answer, often, he explains that he does so out of courtesy.

Explanation? It: There is no penalty – professional, corporate, social, ethical – for non-response. The matters that bother me the most? teachers who do not respond to their students (even on the eve of the degree thesis!); And companies that don’t even respond to “thank you, received” to those who send their courses. Today less than yesterday, of course. But not because those people/companies have become more fair and accurate. If more questions come up, I’m afraid, it’s only because the supply of work today exceeds demand in many cases. Good Glasgow (Tell me: have the Scots resigned from Brexit?)

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