Why don’t Bretons vote for Bretton?

Pourquoi les Bretons ne votent-ils pas breton ?

Holy Breton! He put a BZH sticker on his car, but systematically recalled elections about his political autonomy. Is this apathy? Lack of trust? Unbelief? Why the devil! Breton don’t vote Breton?

Breton is not identified by ballot. Still not, one must say, because she never succeeded in convincing voters. It could be understood half a century ago when the idea of ​​territoriality was in the minority, much less today when it has become a majority. How is it that regional parties gather so few votes? Let’s try some hypotheses.

Sentimental at first spanking

Since the end of xixTh Teachers at Century, Jules Ferry, did an undermining task, asking that Bretton pupils be banned from speaking their mother tongues at school – we all remember the confession of our great-great-grandparents, a metal ruler. Fingers in a position of disrespect related to insults and beatings – teachers and teachers had the task of explaining their flock of French spread over Breton. Thus, by attacking the language, therefore the mother, the school of the Republic, has silenced an entire people. There is nothing more effective than emotional to kill fairness.

Some broken promises are added to earlier failures

We cannot count the autonomous leaders of the 1950s and 60s who supported many attacks that left behind a quadruple of inept idealists. At the end of the next decade, local political movements took off again which would once again be detrimental to them. Chrysalaris planned to turn into amazing butterflies, regional teams turn into moths of the future without haze. Brittany is looking for herself, it joins the left flock of happy days, but the arrival of socialists in power begins a decade shattered by an unfair decentralization law. No promise will be kept.

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What did Bretton activists do to respond to the cynical tendencies of the time? They were transformed. Those on the left joined the PS, and those on the right opted for unbridled liberalism; The two never hesitated to campaign for grassroots programs, addressing genuine local concerns, without ever noticing intense turmoil. All these “beautiful people” sold out in Paris were quickly cut off from their voters. Worst of all, they did not even realize it! Some still deny it today.

Forty years later, the result is as sad as it is sad

Thus, we allow the promoters to damage the coastline. Construction everywhere and somehow. Some local parties have built a wall of patronage by accepting unfair alliances in which Britney has hardly found a place. result? The voters swallowed and continued to swallow their hats. Furthermore, the notion of a regional financial movement has always been marginal to the lack of real financial means and access to media incapable of projecting local pluralism. It is difficult for phantom parties under these circumstances. In short! Forty years later, the result is as sad as it is sad

Let’s do yoga. The establishment of linguistic denial led to the collapse of a nationalism … the amount of promises made by peninsular movements often misled during alliances with national parties … The mistrust of voters in the face of regional politicians was cut off from reality … And lack of a genuine regional media recognition. Is this why the Bretons do not vote Gwen Ah Do The not only. In fact, no local party has succeeded in freeing itself from the cultural justifications for the benefit of sovereign conflicts, which are necessary to win today’s battles: economy, education, justice, security, Europe, immigration. Let us observe the Scottish, Catalan, or even Corsican nationalist movements, and note that they are increasing as they have passed the stage of justification for general action.

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We have to unite to better unite

While some appear to be ready for full autonomy and full rights, Breton still faces parties corrupted by “Gaelic quarrels”. However, working together requires living together, first, reunite Brittany, the rest will follow after the result. In fact, perhaps we should point the finger at those who refuse to consider this administrative reevaluation as “paresists”. That would be a start. We do not cut the country of Breton. Start by uniting to better unite.


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