Will 2021 be the year the government strives for quality climate education? Growing call for action ahead of G20 summit

  Will 2021 be the year the government strives for quality climate education?  Growing call for action ahead of G20 summit

For nearly 30 years, many governments have recognized education as a vital component of national and global efforts to combat climate change and pave the way for a sustainable future. According to the United Nations Climate Treaty of 1992, it is, included in an article The benchmark of the 2015 Paris Agreement with overlapping issues such as access to training and information.

But despite this understanding and much more Inspiring examples of projects With best practices, often led by determined NGOs and enthusiastic educators, climate literacy often remains at the edge of education systems, if it ever exists. Could all of this change in 2021, when governments around the world are expected to raise ambitions on climate action?

Growing impetus for climate education

There is certainly real momentum around the world towards a stronger outcome on climate education and environmental literacy, with less than seven months until the next day. United Nations Climate Conference (COP26) In Glasgow, Scotland in November.

This momentum now and in the years to come comes in large part from a new and new alignment of diverse interests committed to a growing ambition in climate education, led by groups such as earthday.org And this save our future.

Over the past 6-12 months, teachers, trade unions, youth, women’s groups, justice, researchers and environmental scientists have joined a unique coalition to demand quality compulsory climate education for all.

These movements now represent millions of people from almost every corner of the earth and are growing every day. Recently the Brookings Institution reported, “Unlocking Teacher and Student Creativity to Fight Climate Change: An Opportunity for Global Leadership يادة, ” It underscores the power of the moment, noting a diverse coalition of actors from around the world and eager to expand successful climate literacy approaches.

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Immediate note in the coming weeks: Building on Earth Day Week 2021 Teach4thePlanet Statement About 33 million union teachers under international education and recently UNESCO World Conference On Education for Sustainable Development – encourages action among education ministers.

While they may not be directly responsible for the consequences of climate and environmental agreements, their political determination and influence will be important to responsible allies for the environment and foreign affairs and to shape their national outlook.

This is the next big opportunity to do so Meeting of Education Ministers of the Group of Twenty 2021 The Italian presidency of the G20 at the end of the month in Sicily.

a Declaration For ministers and the G20 released this week, these coalitions have joined forces to say that quality climate education is also linked to the creation of jobs, a key to stronger citizen engagement and better decision-making by governments. Green jobs, building a stronger system and a more sustainable 21st century economy.

The declaration recognizes the importance of governments’ efforts to focus on renewable energy and electrification of transportation systems: these efforts, along with smarter and more efficient buildings and greener financial flows, will be essential to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.

But he also says that without behavioral and cultural change, made possible by climate education and environmental literacy, it will be difficult to achieve the long-term goal of “net carbon emissions” by 2050 (a goal widely seen as protection). Goes) –if not impossible. This point has recently been confirmed Proceedings of the National Academy of Science Documents of scientists from about 20 research centers.

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