Will Carlo be the new king of the fight against climate change or greenwashing?

Will Carlo be the new king of the fight against climate change or greenwashing?

As Prince of Wales, Charles spent decades campaigning and holding meetings to guide action on environmental issues. But now that he is king will they let him do that?

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Now that he is king, Charles will probably have to follow a different code, mainly Be politically neutral. For this reason, some say, Charles III would forget his character as “protector of the planet“. We hope not!

As has emerged in recent times, in fact, it seems that Carlo – during his long wait to ascend the throne – has always had a strong environmental sensibility. interests of king charles In fact they would have ranged from tropical forests to the depths of the ocean over the years, from sustainable agricultural practices to water security. Interests started long before they became mainstream.

For example, within months of his investment as Prince of Wales in 1969, 20-year-old Prince Charles wrote to Prime Minister Harold Wilson, concerned about the decline of salmon in Scottish rivers. ,People are extremely short-sighted when it comes to wildlife issues“, then he complained.

What is true, in short, is that Carlo focuses more and more on the fight against global warming, which he considers to be one of the greatest challenges humanity has ever faced. For example, he was a significant presence at the COP26 Global Climate Summit in Glasgow last year, urging world leaders to work together to save the planet.

worker Tony Juniper evaluation from the pages of BBC as the new kingPerhaps the most important environmental figure ever“. President of Natural England and a long-time advisor to Charles, Juniper spoke of the “incredible depth” of his knowledge and the “absolutely vast” impact he had made.

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The question then is whether, like King, Charles He would be so candid on this or any other ecologically important issue.

We hope that his passion for environmental issues does not fade away suddenly. Much of his work has fallen away from the glare of the royal court and we may no longer hear him express an opinion on fracking, “but perhaps urge him to do better on the need to take more immediate climate action.”

The basic point is this: Charles III on his part has to state the fact that this is a universal question, not a simple ideology. But at the same time maintaining the balance of the political, economic and social order that is at the root of the causes of the climate crisis and of which it itself is a part and number one witness…

A mission that seems impossible and that risks turning into a disastrous greenwashing operation.

What is certain is that his smallest move will potentially have wide-ranging consequences when the Commonwealth is set to govern 2.4 billion subjects.

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