Will Trump fly to Scotland during Biden’s inauguration?

Will Trump fly to Scotland during Biden's inauguration?

Not many weeks have passed since the fiery US presidential election (see also the article that was published by AVIONEWS) is. Joe Biden It will soon become the new White House tenant in all cases, despite disputes by its predecessor Donald Trump Don’t want to leave Kovind’s chair. Over the past few hours, audio has been broadcast of the tycoon talking on the phone with the governor of Georgia, demanding a number of votes, but what exactly will he do in the last 24 hours as president? The Scottish media has undergone a fictional reconstruction, but is interesting nonetheless. It actually seems that in the past an aircraft is used by the same Trump May fly into the skies of the British country on 19 January, a day before the settlement of Biden (Can you understand AVIONEWS) is.

The former number one in the United States will no longer attend the official handover ceremony, so perhaps he can visit Priestwick, a Scottish town located near the Turnberry Golf Resort, which owns a property. Trump of course. The British airport would have been warned to land the US Air Force B-757. In addition, other aircraft commonly used for military surveillance (about half an hour’s drive from the aforementioned Prestwick) were seen at Turnberry. Trump Will it really be 5,000 kilometers from Washington on such an important day? Will judge

Serial number – 1234119

AVIONEWS – World Aeronautical Press Agency


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