Wind power, eco-sustainable blades to be produced in port of Brindisia

Wind power, eco-sustainable blades to be produced in port of Brindisia

a factory for the production of wind turbine In tissue Environmentally friendly, developed by Scottish Startup Act Blade, This is the plant that will be built soon Adriatic ‘Special Economic Zone’ Of port of brindisi, This was announced by the startup itself. The authorization process is not yet complete, but contact has been going on for weeks between the company, the municipality of Brindisi and other bodies involved in the process.

Will invest in Act Blade Orientes Capital Partners through the project ‘distant development’, The goal is to create a plant for the production of an environmentally-sustainable innovative type of shovels. The blade, which is intended to be applied to wind turbines, will actually be made in composite materials with an internal structure and completely covered in fabric. According to the company, such devices can be up to 32% lighter, generate 9% more energy, and therefore Reduce the cost of wind power generation by up to 7%,

“We are very satisfied with this investment which – he says Sabrina Malpede, co-founder and CEO of ACT Blade – will allow us to begin industrializing our innovative blades, thus producing even more energy and even cleaner ones. Together with the institutions we are working out the details of this project, which will bring work and money to the area. “Also from Orienta Capital, through founding partner Augusto Ballestra, the voice of satisfaction is raised. “Happy – to bring our contribution to this company – declares Ballestra. The goal is to support ACT Blade in the development process, especially in the industrialization and marketing of these exceptional wind turbines.

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Going up the Adriatic by the force of the wind you come to Molise, where annel green power Meanwhile, at the end of October, in the Castelmauro field, it installed seven 4.2 MW turbines for a total of 29.4 MW of electricity. They are the largest wind turbines installed in the national territory. Molise plant joins the other eight Wind farm in Molise area, an important region for Italian wind power. Its area has a total power of about 120 MW out of the national 825. The Castelmauro plant alone supplies 30,000 homes with renewable sources and saves 15 million cubic meters of gas. In short, technological innovation is possible. Strategic numbers because even today, at its full potential, Molise alone (less than 300,000 inhabitants) can be powered exclusively by wind power. And the net of its consumption, under certain conditions it could even export its energy across borders.


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