“With Lim I’ll Be A Lion Not A Kitten” / “My Illness? They Say Bitch”

Gennaro Gattuso He officially introduced himself yesterday Valencia, via press conference. The former Napoli and Milan coach spoke for almost an hour addressing very hot topics, starting with economic condition Not exactly pink in which Iberian society would be: “I feel like I am” always answer the same question – Ringhyo says – I don’t like talking about money. I find it difficult to talk about myself, let alone talk about others. With President Lim in Singapore we talked about identity, play, 4-5 positions to strengthen, defense, which would be 4, and above all a sense of belonging: whoever comes here should feel the weight of the shirt Must do, the history of this club. I know there are problems, I know it will be difficult, but I always like challenges. I moved to Scotland when I was 17, the first world champion to return to the sport in a complicated situation. Challenges don’t scare me.”

A journalist then asks Gattuso if this will happen. lion or kitten with the owner, and the Calabrian technician responded “Lion”, And then specify: “Did Lim fool the last 4 coaches? I didn’t realize it. And I remember a year ago when I realized I was gone: They told me things that weren’t respected and I go home. I go to sensation, and I haven’t had any negative effects with Lim”.

Gennaro Gattuso: “Jorge Mendes A Friend But…”

words towards friend George Mendes, very close to Lim, and a circumstance that caused Gattuso to abandon the transfer fiorentina: “I’ve been a coach for 8 years and I’ve never hired a Mendes player. I respect him, he’s a friend, he knows football. If these things don’t go well, the problem is yours. It’s not mine. We need players and we’ll take them: with Mendes or with others I don’t care”.

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Finally we return to talk about the famous topic of Hatred against womanhoodand “accusations” Gattuso turns to Barbara Berlusconi, The murmur certainly erupted over the issue: “You asked me one thing, I’ll tell you three. Women in Soccer: We refer to the words we said 15 years ago, without a video, for nothing. After 25 years of hard work, a 28-year-old girl replaced Galliani, which did not seem like a big decision. Racism: They ask me a question about Boateng when I coach Sion and I say they don’t have to worry about 4 idiots. I come from a small town in Calabria and over the years they have told me everything. I’ve worked with 10 black players, I’ve lived my life a certain way, being here to explain certain things really bothers me. And finally my illness: I have been suffering from ocular myasthenia for 12 years. I read that I can’t train, can’t lead a normal life, can’t put pressure on myself: All st * onjet “.

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