woman to be deputy mayor

woman to be deputy mayor

Roberto Gualtieri is filing the final boxes of his council, which will be presented today at the Campidoglio. The latest rumors speak of a reflection on the two names which are still a work in progress.
After a long vote with Marco Leonardi, the head of the economic planning department at the Palazzo Chigi, Silvia Scosze (photo on the left) should become the new budget councillor, already held by Ignazio Marino.
Confirmed Eugenio Patan (photo in center) for Transportation, Alessandro Onorato for Tourism and Major Events, Monica Lucarelli for Commerce and Sabrina Alfonsi for Delegation on Environment, Greenery and Waste. Lucarelli and Sylvia Scozez, the former president of the first town hall, take on the role of deputy mayor over the wire. In pole position for the Councilor’s Box for Culture is Miguel Gottor (Roman doctor, former senator from the Bursancia region, professor of modern history at the University of Tor Vergata). Tobia Javi is also expected to be a part of the team, or else he could become mayor of the night. Svetlana Celi (pictured right) will be the new chair of the Giulio Cesare class. Instead the new leader of the Democratic Party will be Valeria Baglio, who was voted unanimously by the Dem group. The mayor intends to leave the opposition, in addition to practical competencies (transparency, vice presidents and secretary advisors) on any special commissions also jubilee and expo. (MESP)

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