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15.11.2021 – 03:00

Actual Systems Inc.

Glasgow, Scotland, Jan.

The 2000-watt Smart Cities Association, ACTUAL and the Peace Innovation Institute in The Hague are joining forces to work with cities around the world to help them accelerate their transition to decarbonisation. You will present the first case study at the beginning of the first quarter of 2022, which will serve as a template for cities around the world.

Building on the 2000-Watt Smart Cities Association, ETH Zurich 2000 Watt Society And their certification Presents a framework for 2000-watt smart cities around the world, from 40 locations in Switzerland. Greencity Zurich, which was designed by the association’s president, Andreas Binkert, is a prime example of the world’s first decarbonized quarter on a green area.

NS ActualThe platform empowers executives from all industries to implement their ESG goals and tread the path of real change by providing a unique digital toolkit.

The Peace Innovation Institute in The HagueThere is a collaboration between the Peace Innovation Lab at Stanford and the City of The Hague, located at the interface between behavioral design, technology, innovation and business. The institute specializes in creating a culture of innovation and learning collaboration across borders.

Mark Nelson, Director of Innovation at the Peace Innovation Institute, said, “The Peace Innovation Institute is committed to building strong partnerships through its global network, and we are excited to bring together the 2000-Watt Smart Cities Association and ACTUAL. “

“The 2000-Watt Smart Cities Association seeks to present GreenCity Zurich’s decarbonized infrastructure as a model for other cities around the world. We are delighted to be working with ACTUAL and the Peace Innovation Institute to accomplish this task and To show that this 2000-watt “offers a viable route for cities to accelerate decarbonization,” said Andreas Binkert, president of the 2000-watt Smart Cities Association.

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“ACTUAL’s software enables the rapid launch of global, nationwide projects, allowing organizations to quickly plan scenarios for the first time and envision paths to the future with massive positive impacts. Millions each month People move.” Actual’s work is critical in uncovering the real impact to make investing better now. We are excited to partner with the 26-watt Smart Cities Association and the Peace Innovation Institute to help cities meet the ambitious Net Zero commitments announced at COP2000. ,” said Karthik Balakrishnan, Ph.D., co-founder and president of ACTUAL.

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