Working remotely and saving biodiversity: Lenovo brings 20 volunteers to Robinson Crusoe Island

Working remotely and saving biodiversity: Lenovo brings 20 volunteers to Robinson Crusoe Island

It’s easy to say “I would like to work remotely”. But how far? And then why? Of course it is more comfortable, even more durable, Regarding saved trips, For instance. According to a research conducted by Lenovo, however, there is more: 61% of 15,000 respondents in 15 countries around the world (including 1,500 in Italy) expressed the belief that having a positive impact on local people is very important. Community. , and a willingness to ‘give something in return’: notably, two out of three of our compatriots said they are willing to work a few more hours if smart working happens, devoting this time to the community .


From smart working to farewell to work, what’s changing for us and our cities

by Jaime D’Alessandro

At this point Lenovo has decided to take the request at its word, reducing the word ‘remote’ in its most extreme sense. He found a small island in the Pacific, several hundred kilometers west of the coast of Chile, which already has a program named after it: Robinson Crusoe, Castaway (but perhaps today he would be called precisely the ‘remote worker’) and famous literature in history. NS. The island was actually the site where Scottish sailor Alexander Selkirk was shipwrecked in 1704 and where he lived alone until 1709, inspiring Daniel Defoe’s famous book.

“But we chose the island not just for its name, which certainly gives a lot of media consideration – says Natasha Perfetti; marketing manager for Lenovo Italy – but above all because it has an important social and biodiversity context. We have identified this area with the help of the NGO Innovation Island Conservation, which has been working for years to prevent extinction by protecting islands where the concentration of biodiversity and species are most at risk of extinction. is big “.

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Starting in February, 20 volunteers will arrive at the island’s main settlement, San Juan Bautista (900 residents). For about a month they will continue to work for their respective companies, but they will also give a hand to the rural community of Juan Fernández on two projects: one related to the conservation of the biosphere and the prevention of the extinction of endangered species. Others include community support towards sustainability, particularly in the areas of teaching, education and health care.

San Juan Bautista, the main settlement of Robinson Crusoe. island protection

Lenovo, the $60 billion technology giant, will also take care of the selection of candidates (you have until December 30, by sending a request here and to cover the month-long expenses of their work from the island, to build the infrastructure, essentially a technical center for high-speed connections, and to teach the local people to make full use of it.

But what will those selected by San Juan Bautista for the Smart Work Period do in practice?

“In addition to working as usual for their respective companies, for example, they analyze and incorporate data collected by Island Conservation on the biodiversity and conservation of island species with the help of machine learning systems and high-quality links. speed. Which will allow the processing and interpretation of a large number of information to be done in a much faster way,” Perfetti says. “Or they will help the local community gain the knowledge they need to operate the infrastructure after the period on the island. For this reason the data we are looking for include biologists, ecologists, data analysts, but also interpreters and There are also experts in social marketing”.

The local economy is actually based on artisanal and sustainable fishing of a lobster that is not found anywhere else in the world.


Damage to ecosystems and disease, devastating impact of alien species in Europe

by Christina Nadotik

The community has long been committed to the conservation of its natural heritage, with the establishment of a national park in 1995, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1977, and the Juan Fernández Marine Marine Park.

Lenovo’s initiative, called Work for Mankind, is part of a roadmap for the company’s climate control objectives, which Perfetti explains, which primarily includes “a commitment to improve the energy efficiency of desktops and servers by up to 50%”. 30% of Motorola Notebooks and Products By 2029/30 We also announced the goal of using 90% of electricity from renewable sources and removing one million tons of greenhouse gas emissions from the supply chain by 2025/26.


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