XXII Week of the Italian Language in the World (17-22 October 2022)

XXII Week of the Italian Language in the World (17-22 October 2022)

London (Stefania Raimondi) London is the hero for the XXII week (17-22 October 2022) of the Italian language in the world.

Events organized by the Ministry of External Affairs under the patronage of the President of the Republic In addition to international cooperation, the Accademia della Crasca boasts a range of prestigious partnerships, including Mibach, IED, RAI-TV, the Consular Diplomatic Network of the Swiss Confederation and the Dante Alighieri Society.

The XXII Week of the Italian Language in the World is dedicated to the Italian language and young people: “Italians and young people.

title “Come on, excuse me? I don’t follow you”, Invented by the Italian school of Montevideo, this digital expresses the renewal of languages ​​through the contributions of the natives.

This renewal is linked to the idea enshrined in the title of difficulties of mutual understanding and communication not only between generations of young people and adults, but sometimes, among youth groups themselves. Reasons for the choice are the antiphrastic character of the title in relation to “Italians and young people”, as well as the provocative ambiguity of the verb “follower”, referring to both the social media world and the wider communication. Discretion.

Heroes of London and Scotland

Under the High Protection of the President of the Republic, On the occasion of Italian Language Week in the World, Institute London’s Italian Culture We are pleased to invite you to the following events:

also in scotlandThe initiatives are many: two events organized by the Institute of Culture include in the year 2018: education Italian in the Web (and its Varieties): Descriptive Problems and Common Aspects, edited by Paolo D’AchilleProfessor of Italian Linguistics at Roma Tre University and Symposium Fake News, Truth and the Media, edited by Dr. Paolo CavaliereLecturer in Digital Media and IT Law at the University of Edinburgh

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The following are the events organized by the Edinburgh Institute of Culture for the year 2022 (Available at this link): https://iicedinburgh.esteri.it/iic_edinburgh/it/gli_eventi/calendario/2022/10/xxii-settimana-della-lingua-italiana.html,

  • 10 – 31 October 2022: Italian Excellence. The New Generation of Italian Children’s Painters
  • The Week of Italian Contemporary Art (8-14 October) and the Italian Language Week in the World (17 – 22 October) meet at the Italian Excellence Exhibition. The new generation of Italian children’s painters for the explosion of colours, words and images dedicated to the younger generation.
  • 13 October 2022: Book Presentation: Journey to End by Danielle Falcioni
  • Presentation of the novel Journey to Termination with author Daniele Falcioni (event in Italian).
  • 20 October 2022: Dante for Kids (and for Curious Parents)
  • An event for little ones and their families to discover the Dante series of books for children (and for curious parents) and Dante to Color with the author Federico Corradini at Eyre Hall in Glasgow (Archdiocese of Glasgow, 196 Clyde Street, Glasgow G1 4JY).
  • 27 October 2022: “New Voices: Inside and Out”: In conversation with Lorenza Pieri Essa Aldegheri
  • Book presentation from the novel “The Garden of Monsters” (2019) by Lorenz Pieri. The author will be in conversation with Italian-Scottish author Essa Aldegheri. Project in collaboration with Turin International Book Fair.

We also highlight this important event at the Embassy in London in the presence of the new Italian Ambassador Indigo Lambertini.

“Are we changing?
From the streets of Glasgow to social media: the evolution of stories and the way we write them »
Social media is a part of our daily life, which few people would have even imagined.
Many years ago. Much has already been said about how access to global information has changed the way we
to think.

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However, it is true that recent novels often benefit from this huge pool.
information and that very few of us can even imagine writing without the aid of, if any
Google or Wikipedia.

And it all happened almost passively, without us realizing it. what
It is still unclear whether the many influences of the Internet are actively and properly incorporated.
Effective in literary prose.

In a similar, perhaps less unexpected way, everyday life – and language – has entered
It has fundamentally changed literature and what we write – and therefore the way we think. street art, street
Food, street fashion: they’re all out there, influencing the language and stories we read and write.
Can literature remove this spotless, corrupted development? And if so, what is the place of social media and gods
New languages ​​in novels?

Two different authors talk about how literature and stories change depending on the environment in which
They grow.

Aster Viola – He lives in Milan, but spent his twenties in Naples studying law and a little economics. She has always been a lawyer, a divorced labor lawyer. She is generally interested in life on and around social networks.

Graeme Armstrong – Adolescence spent within Glasgow gang culture, he became known to the public with his first novel, The Young Team, based on his experiences.

To moderate them, Federico Gatti, Mediaset’s London correspondent.

What they have in common is their focus on today’s world, from the human “zoo” of big cities to the zoo
Glass that became the Internet. They will talk to us about how their literature is influenced by the world around us.
around and how the language of their stories has adapted to the surrounding environment.

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The event marks the opening of the 22nd week of the Italian language in the UK and will be hosted by
By Inigo Lambertini, Ambassador of Italy to the United Kingdom, at Grosvenor’s No. 4 Residence

The Italian Language Week is promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.
Italian international in the world, with the high patronage of the President of the Italian Republic. Its XXII
The edition, which takes place during the European Youth Year, is dedicated to “the Italian language and young people”.


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