Youth experience with Juventus Massimo Bonini 2004 UEFA Gold Player » TuttoGolfo

Youth experience with Juventus Massimo Bonini 2004 UEFA Gold Player » TuttoGolfo

Some of Scori’s very young people with a passion for football such as Coen Samuel Caliman, Vittorio Imperato, Daniel Canicchio and others are experiencing an internship at Sesenatico facing themselves with a great footballer: Massimo Bonini, ex-Juventus player, The greatest civilian footballer of the Republic of San Marino, awarded the title of Golden Player, Gold Player by UEFA in 2004.

Upon his return I would ask to tell about the experiences and sensations I had experienced in a week.

Writer Fabio Carresa says: “Lawyer Gianni Agnelli entered the locker room. […]

When he appeared in the doorway, Michel was tying his shoe, a lit cigarette in his mouth.

“But how, Michelle? Does an athlete like you smoke in the interval?” Massimo Bonini was drying up next to Platini. […] Platini patted his partner’s bare shoulders, then, after a long pull on the cigarette, looking at Agnelli, said simply: “Lawyer, the important thing is that you don’t smoke Bonini, he’s the one to run. Is.”

Massimo Bonini was born. Happened in city ​​of san marino, ns October 13 1959, now there is one game managerhandjob soccer coach ed ex soccer player San Marino, tenure midfielder.

raised in the youth sector of Juvenous, added their name to main Juventus, the team in which he made his debut at the Italian Championships a league He then played eight seasons there, playing a total of 192 games in the Juventus jersey and scoring five goals; serving in the role of medium, became one of the pillars of the circle Giovanni Trapatoni in the first half of the 1980s, which saw him as a midfielder Marco Tardelli I Michel Platini.

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He won three titles with Piedmontese champion of italy, a italian cup and all club competition then organized by organizedfederation of european football associations (except UEFA) UEFA Cup, an event in which he reached the quarterfinals of the season 1990 – 1991

Come captain Of bologna.

initial member Italian under-21 national team, Bonini poses san marino national team During the first six years of activity of Titano’s representative (1990–1995), a total of 19 matches were disputed.

One of only two athletes in San Marino, along with a motorcyclist. manual pogiali, considered the most representative player in the country on an international basis to win a world title, his competitive career reached football, is also the only player from Titan to have won one. federal competition.

in 2004 San Marino Football Federation (FSGC) named him the best player in its history, while in the same year, UEFA honored him with the title golden player (Gold Player).

midfielder Because of the control and support, he distinguished himself for great physical resistance which earned him the nickname Marathon runner, as well as for remarkable skills in fundamentals such as Difference, Ball Recovery and Restart.[3] He was considered pivotal in the successes of Juventus in the 1980s and, above all, in the gaming economy. Michel Platini On whose behalf, during the games, he took care of the winning balls in each area of ​​the field to reach the trocar available for the French playmaker’s plays; work from stakanovista The handyman who made him Platini’s “lung” in the eyes of experts.

He trained at the youth academy of JuvenousThe team of his country.

At the age of eighteen he moved to Series D Italian weather to play 1977-78 in the rank of bellaria; The following year it was taken from forlie who made his debut in Series C.

After that in 1979 he went to Cessna with whom, in the tournament 1980-81MILF got promoted a league. The following summer he was then hired by Juventus.

Giovanni TrapatoniPiedmontese’s coach, made him his top-flight debut on 13 September 1981 against his former team, and brought him on his debut three days later. Champions CupMILF In Challenge With Scots Celtic. The first season in Turin ended with his first championship victory for Bonini, which second star For Juventus Club. In the following year, the San Marino player certainly won a starting position to the detriment of the Juventus captain. Giuseppe Furino (not without controversy on the part of the latter[7]); At the end of the 1982–83 championship he was also awarded bravo trophy, on-time recognition for the best under-24s in Europe.

His Palmares Makes Him the World’s Most Decorated Player Republic of San Marino. During the 1980s, with Juventus, he won all the trophies of his career: 3 Italian champion titles (1981-82handjob 1983-84handjob 1985-86), 1 italian cup (1982-83), 1 Cup Winners Cup (1983-84), 1 UEFA Super Cup (1984), 1 Champions Cup (1984-85) e 1 Intercontinental Cup (1985); This final victory made Bonini the first San Marino player, later to equalize. biker manual pogiali, to win a world competition.

In October 1988, after 296 official matches (192 in the league) with the Bianconeri, Bonini relocated bologna, returned to Serie A. The team achieved salvation at the end of the season and, in the following, qualified for UEFA Cup. With the Bolognese, of which he was also the captain, he played for four years, scoring 112 games and 5 goals. After the professional bracket, Bonini returned to his homeland to wear the jerseys of Juvens, the company that launched him, and San Marino.

Despite San Marino passport, Bonini dressed there nine times in the early 1980s blue shirt Dell’Italy Under-21 the period in which titan football federation was not officially affiliated withuefa, which is believed to be because the players of San Marino assimilated Italy.

In contrast, he has never played in the Italian senior national team since regulation.

fifa Requires that a player protect the colors of the country of origin: by personal preference,[9] Bonini never wanted to give up his San Marino citizenship.

From 1990 he wore the jersey of the newly formed national team. San Marino, with whom he played 19 games until 1995, the year of his retirement from football, before 2 games played by “out of quota” in 1989 San Marino Under-21s, both are up against the same age of Italy in the European category qualifiers.

Considered the most representative player in the country based on international potential of his competitive career, in 2004, to celebrate its 50th anniversary, UEFA asked each national federation affiliated to it to indicate its best player of the past half century. Invited: Picks of San Marino fell at Bonini, nominated golden player by the European Football Confederation.[3]

Bonini played the role of selector of the national team from 2 June 1996 to 10 September 1997 San Marino, leading in 8 sports during this 1998 World Cup qualification. The same year he went to the training bench spring Of Cessna, training him for two sessions; After which he entered the Cessna Youth Sector Technical Staff role. technical director, as of June 2002.

Later, in December of the same year, he became a training technician at Oakland University. Detroit.

He was appointed as the Technical Director of the company on 28 February 2017. San Marino Football Federation.

Massimo Bonini


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