0 – Last whistle! – BZ Berlin

  0 - Last whistle!  - BZ Berlin

Union Berlin’s second group game in the Europa Conference League. Maccabi is a guest at the Haifa Olympic Stadium. Iron needs to win. All information about Euro withdrawal can be found here in the BZ live ticker.

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90th + 3 Final Whistle! Deserved victory for the union against a harmless opponent. The Berliners are back in the group after their opening loss against Prague.

90. He could have been 4-0! Puchaz is half left in the penalty area. Pole catches the ball with his left foot – Cohen lays flat

89. Haifa then tries from the left. But again the feed is not very accurate. the ball spins out

87. Yellow for Haraguchi – unnecessary with this score

83. Chance Union! Trimmel pulls away. Haifa’s Cohen is here

82nd Change of Union: Khedira is out, Ryerson is there for him

81. Interplay between Giselman and Puchaz on the Left. But the edge is cut. throw in

80th change in Haifa: Planic is going, Arad is coming

77th change in union: Puchaz and Oztunali in, Voglsmer and Baker out

76. Aim for the Union! Baker crosses from the right. In the middle, Avniyi is too free on the five and takes the ball straight into the goal.

74. Haifa still with poor offensive actions, albeit with little more possession. A ball lands out of bounds on the left wing

73. Misunderstanding between Voglsmer and Giselman on the Left. ball rolls out of bounds

72. Change Union: Promel and Avonia come for Mohwald and Behrens

71. Hajiza’s left wing free kick against the first defender is cut in half. no danger

70. yellow for union trimmel

69. Great action by Baker! Half well on the right side he hits a length ball from Frederick. He lets the ball tap twice and pulls it into the edge of the penalty area from the half-right – the ball touches the aluminum on the long post

68. Giselman is in midfield to the left. Now the game has stopped. It was a dishonesty earlier. but he can move on

67. Notch wants to play the ball on the right wing, the ball goes out of bounds

65. The union now receives the opponent at the level of the center line. But Haifa is pretty harmless to well-organized Berliners

62nd change in Haifa: Atzili and Donyo are out. Hajiza and ex-Hurton Ben Sahr are in the game

60. Union no longer starts so early. Haifa can at least keep the ball in their ranks a little longer

59. In fact, Rono has to “grab it” now. Cherry finishes but doesn’t hit the ball properly. No problem for union goalkeeper

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57. Baker graduates! He pulls in from the right, but then circles the ball over the long post with his left flat

55. A ball comes flying into the unioner penalty area. But Haifa’s Cherries can’t control the ball with their back to goal

52. 25,000 continue to create a good atmosphere in the Olympic stadium

50. So coach Urs Fischer has a good hand bringing in Vogelsmar and Behrens from the start

Trimmel hits the ball in the middle of the goal. Behrens beat two opponents eight meters in front of the box and put one head to head

48. Toor Sangha! Behrens takes a 2-0 lead!

48. Of course, Trimmel is ready

47. Free kick Union on the right wing after a foul on Baker

Changes in Haifa: Defender Dahan goes out and attacker Din David is in the game

The teams are coming back. It’s gonna go on with the second half

Union has the game under control and was able to create some chances after about 25 minutes. One of them called Voglsummer. Won 1-0 via

Andreas Vogelsmer (hidden on the ground) pushes the ball over the line and makes it 1-0 for Union against Haifa.  Kevin Behrens (No. 17) bowls him (Photo: Citi-Press GmbH)
Andreas Vogelsmer (hidden on the ground) pushes the ball over the line and makes it 1-0 for Union against Haifa. Kevin Behrens (No. 17) bowls him (Photo: Citi-Press GmbH)

45.+2 first half over

44. Haifa now plays the ball directly into the Union’s penalty area – but does not pass. bone is in the middle

42. Yellow for Behrens after a foul on Plenik

41. Baker with motion to the right. Flat ball in the middle. There’s Voglsmer, but so is Haifa’s keeper Cohen, who is sure to lend a hand this time.

39. The lead is definitely fully deserved, even if Union needs 25 minutes to build up the pressure needed against a deeper opponent

37. Corner for the Union. Trim from the right, but the defense of Haifa may be clear

Vogelsummer cannot process Haraguchi’s first ball in the penalty area. But Behrens secures the ball to the right in the penalty area, well overpowered. His nearly flat input from the baseline pushes the Voglsummer over the line from close range

33. Aim for the Union! see you voglusmer

32. Yellow for the combustion of the hypha, which spreads the Behrens on the wing

31. The union is now under pressure! Baker crosses from the right. In the central position, however, Behrens cannot control the fast input to a good position. From far away the margin goes over the box

30. Union goalkeeper Rono is celebrating a very quiet start here today

28. Now a little more round risk comes into play! Voglsmar crosses to the left and Mohwald ends. Haifa’s Cohen is catching up!

27. Yellow for Haifa’s Planic, who complained too much about the throw-in decision

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26. Union free kick from midfield, central position. Trimmel sticks the ball into the penalty area. Behrens comes up with his head, but can only propel the ball toward goal. the ball hits the target

23. Shortly afterwards, a conclusion: Haraguchi carefully intercepts a ball, playing the ball directly over Voglsmer in the penalty area. It turns, but then circles the ball high on the right side of the goal

21. Now attack on the right. With Trimmel, of course. The captain crosses over Voglsmar in the middle – but a Haifa defender is in the middle of his head

20. The game has been bad so far, but the atmosphere is still good

19. Notch with the next long ball. This time he wants to use Behrens on the right wing, but he fails completely. the ball lands on the opponent

16. Haifa goalkeeper Cohen will have to follow up on the cross again

14. The approach was good once: Baker pulls from the left, then plays on Vogelsmer in the penalty area. He wants to use Haraguchi with the spade on the edge of the penalty area – unfortunately it didn’t work

13. The Union has a lot of authority, but there have been few successful strikes so far.

1 1 Baker’s long ball from the notch, which is too thin

Maccabi Haifa fans at the Olympic Stadium (Photo: City-Press GmbH)
Maccabi Haifa fans at the Olympic Stadium (Photo: City-Press GmbH)

9. Haifa rarely manages to keep the ball in its own order anymore

7. Now Haifa’s cherry tries it to the left of the penalty area, but dribbles strongly

5. Union is running high. Ursa Fischer wants to “stress” Haifa, as he said before the game

4. Great atmosphere at the Olympic Stadium

1 First free kick for Union from the left wing immediately. Trimmel comes and hits the long post with his right hand. Haifa’s keeper is Cohen, but starts the ball down. but no union

1 the game is on

union is a crime

As expected, the roof of the Olympic Stadium is glowing red. Blue Careers is also covered. Not to be reminiscent of city rivals Hertha, who usually play their home games here.

Teams take to the field.

A simultaneous request to Max Krauss, he left unanswered.

On the line-up: “A change of goal was agreed with both goalkeepers.”

Urs Fischer in TV Now: “I hope we have control over the game and we take risks from time to time. So two fast outsiders.”

Surprise Union! Coach Fischer spins vigorously: without attacking star Max Krauss and regular goalkeeper Andreas Luthe, the Swiss player enters the game. In addition to the club’s debut goalkeeper Frederic Rono, strikers Kevin Behrens and Sheraldo Baker are also in the starting line-up. Kevin Mohwald is in midfield for his second appearance for the Irons.

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Fischer reacts to a failure in the central defense by replacing the defense system of the injured Timo Baumgartl and the suspended Paul Jekyll. Captain Christopher Trimmel, Marvin Frederick, Robin Noche and Nico Giselman form a back four. Usually Fischer lets play with a series of three.


Federation: Rono – Trimmel, Friedrich, Noche, Giselmann – Khedira – Baker, Mohwald, Haraguchi, Vogelsmar – Behrens

Haifa: Cohen – Raz Mir, Planic, Gershon, Menachem – Rodriguez, Dahan, Ali Mohammed – Cheri, Atzili – Donoh

Referee: Nicholas Walsh (Scotland)

The Olympic Stadium, home of Hertha BSC, turned red again today. City rivals 1. FC Union will have to field in Charlottenburg for their international matches, as Alte Forsteri is not approved by UEFA for European Cup matches.

initial situation: Union Slavia lost the first group game in Prague with 1:3. Two decisive goals were scored by Berlin in the final stages of the game. For coach Urs Fischer, only a win in the home premiere in the group stage counts. “We want to get on the table not only with the name, but with the points,” the Swiss said before the game. Haifa initially played 0–0 against Rotterdam.

Iron 22,500 spectators await the Israeli champion at the Olympic Stadium.

Staff: Fischer has personnel problems in defense before the game. Central defender Timo Baumgartl is out with his injury, as is Paul Jakel, who has been suspended following his yellow-red card at 1:3 at Slavia Prague. Therefore, he could switch to the back four. In addition, striker Kevin Behrens, who scored as a clown in both Prague and most recently Dortmund, could join the starting line-up.

The conference league works as follows:

The 32 teams play in eight groups of four teams to advance to the knockout stage. After the first and second stages, the group winners directly qualify for the Round of 16. The runner-up plays against the third-placed group of the Europa League for a place in the Round of 16. The quarter-finals and semi-finals consist of the final, with the first winner to be determined on May 25, 2022. In the Albanian capital Tirana. Along with AS Roma and Tottenham, two top European clubs are also included.

By the way, every win in the group stage gives you 500,000 euros! Union qualified for the group stage in the playoff against Kuopio PS (4:0/0:0) from Finland in August.

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