11 Terrifyingly Forgotten or Little-Known Horror Movies on Netflix

11 Terrifyingly Forgotten or Little-Known Horror Movies on Netflix

The best horror movies are the ones that use the element of surprise to keep you going and stress you out while waiting for something to emerge from a dark corner. And while the classics will never tire us out, it’s nice to pop out of them from time to time to see something new (or at least something you didn’t miss) to relish the thrill, intrigue and thrill. The mystery is what makes the “scary” genre so addicting.

Freddy, Jason, Danny Torrence and Michael Myers are horror classics and you can certainly watch their movies over and over again without getting tired, but the magic of horror is that it makes you wonder, that fear comes when you don’t. Less than expect him and she to play with your mind, and it won’t happen again when you have watched the movie 300 times and know the dialogues by heart. The good news is that the list of horror movies is huge and has a little bit of everything, and Netflix even offers some movies that few people have seen, which no one remembers, or that have been lost. Among them you get a chance to see something for the first (or second) time and get to know what’s really going on with the characters. From comic book-style Mexican films to Stephen King adaptations and critically-reviewed foreign stories, your marathon of horror is about to begin. Here are the forgotten horror movies you should watch on Netflix.

force ambiguous

This is one of the latest arrivals on the platform. It stars Erendira Ibarra and Tenoch Huerta. The film by Bernardo Arellano is comic book style and follows a mysterious man who travels to a spooky hotel as he searches for his missing sister, who finds him a psychic, a trapped female fatale and all of them. . Strange characters who help him get answers, but it all comes at a cost.

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