2 centuries of history, from industrial revolutions to environmental crises

2 centuries of history, from industrial revolutions to environmental crises

On the eve of the opening of the climate convention, COP26, here’s a tough and sharp documentary that traces the mad rush of the Anthropocene era. For two centuries, progress and development have permanently changed the state of the planet: from the age of coal to big data. Using archives from around the world, the film goes back to the sources of the ecological crisis

“In the Name of Progress”: a Documentary by Jean-Robert Viollet collect Saturday 10/30 at 11:10 a.m. To see in the window at the doc on La Trois and again on Auvio

In a few hours, the International Climate Conference will begin in Glasgow, Scotland. the stakes are high. On the Belgian side, the Belgian government aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 55% by 2030.

Apart from the Belgian delegation, civilians will also visit. Among them a group of grandparents are campaigning for the climate. They left Brussels for Edinburgh last Sunday, from where they would walk to Glasgow to hand over their concerns for the future of their grandchildren to the Belgian delegation. Along the way, they will also perform symbolic action in front of a statue of James Watt, the inventor of the steam engine. “This can be seen as the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and, therefore, inadvertently, the beginning of greenhouse gas emissions,” he says.

And that is exactly the subject of this documentary which tells the story of two centuries of industrial and economic revolutions, two centuries of astonishing progress. Since the beginning of the Industrial Age, the intelligence deployed by man has been immense. But today the environmental crisis is also huge. Here, the director takes a stark look at two centuries of industrial capitalism. After two hundred years of this system, we realize that the impact of man on nature is irreversible. The Earth has entered a new geological period. This period has a name: the Anthropocene, the era of man. There is actually another story behind the beautiful story of Pragati. With the collection of riches from around the world, Jean-Robert Violet takes us into a story that begins with the beginning of industrialization and ends today. It tells “another story of progress”, a story of understanding “how we got there”. A human epic with fascinating evolution and terrifying environmental consequences. Production: Arte France and RTBF . with stanola production

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