20 most beautiful English names for a girl

20 most beautiful English names for a girl

In a few months you will welcome a baby girl. If you haven’t already, now is the time to start thinking of a name. Why don’t you take a look at the first names that come straight from the channel? If they seem closer to their American cousins, then english baby names Still remain chic and original.

In France, they are rare other than Olivia or Victoria. But with their so-so British accent, these little names have something to captivate parents. To help you find the nuggets you’re looking for, here’s a selection of 20 of the most beautiful british names for girls,

Why do English fall for girl names?

Whether it is their awakening to their origins, their love for English culture or their love for Shakespeare’s language, all the reasons are good. give her daughter a British name,

Of Greek, Latin, Germanic or Hebrew origin, English first names have varied and varied sounds. Many English female first names that end in “ia” have been in vogue for many years, such as Olivia, Mia, Victoria or Amelia. Others, on the contrary, are distinguished by their differences, such as Joy or Hazel.

English names for girls attract future parents with their modernity and chic. Besides being trendy at times a little old school, most of these short names sound great in French.

Which english girl name to choose?

Few English first names are known to French for many celebrities. This is the case of Kate Middleton, Princess Charlotte or Queen Victoria. Yes, the royal family is also influential in the choice of first names for little girls. So, let yourself be tempted by a beautiful royal name!

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Olivia, Amelia and Isla top the list among the most popular female names in the United Kingdom. Of English origin, Olivia means “descendant of an ancestor”. Of Latin origin, the first name Amelia means “work”. Of Scottish origin, Isla means “island”. This is the first name of many celebrities, most notably Isla Blair from Great Britain, but also Isla Phillips who is the great-granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II.

If you are looking for one old english name For a girl, Adele, Margaret, Abigail or Elizabeth should appeal to you. You can also opt for an abbreviation like Ava, Mia, Ella or Joy. if you want rare english girl name, Bloom, Tessy or Erin may appeal to you. Before choosing an English name for your daughter, make sure it is easy to pronounce in French.

top british baby names for girls

The choice is wide when it comes to female english names, Short or long, old or trendy first names… Here’s our pick of the most beautiful first names coming straight from the channel.

  • abigail
  • Amelia
  • aria
  • ava
  • Charlotte
  • Chelsea
  • Cleo
  • Daisy
  • He
  • Elizabeth
  • amy
  • Beautiful!
  • Walnut
  • Joy
  • madison
  • Margaret
  • penelope
  • Sophie
  • Victoria
  • Wendy


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