“25”: Pretty carefree in acoustics

The Pretty Reckless

Parisian pop duo RoSaWay can play equally well on aesthetic / music tables. Care given to the image and sound reflects artistic maturity, a taste for novelty that is associated with a sense of melody and orderliness

What a fun combination of a florist and a drummer! After the first EP in 2019, he released a dreamer, His second attempt with strong electro-pop trends. In this new five-track, Rachel and Steph drive point home: nothing is left, both in clip and production. We discover a colorful, fun world of incredible harmonic richness. Because yes, Rachel and SteF as well, already have a very good career behind them and the couple deserves the project RoSaWay, They brought together the quintessence of their experience. Interview.

You took a rather original option in the wonderful world of French pop-rock, trying not to get registered even in one genre: you had an early idea when locating the group?

RoSaWay: To be completely honest, we didn’t have one. Our format, our style and the color of our music really came to us almost. We are both madly in love with our respective instruments: transverse flutes and drums and it is only natural that we wanted to give them a central place in RoSaWay. Well, we also have to understand that we also wanted to take up the challenge of exposing these two instruments and especially for the flute to prove that they are “cool” instruments!

You have loaded CVs and played in many structures and with many artists, when do you realize that it is time to pursue an individual project?

RoSaWay: One day, one morning … We wake up and we know! Anyway, how did it turn out for us. The supporting cast trained us, gave us work (a lot), challenged us (often) but above all, showed us the dream. Watching an artist flourish on stage as he plays his music, when he sings his words, when he inspires you with his thoughts, his direction and his passion is very strong and it wants you! And then, one day it clicks; We realize that we have things to say, things to write and others to give. We were in late 2016 and we do not regret this crazy adventure!

He said, “We put whatever was inside us in pictures, buried under the mattress of doubt.” “

Do you pay special attention to your image, is it also part of the initial project?

RoSaWay: Oh yeah! We actually found each other at this point! The “show” aspect, a 360 degree project, is really central to our work. We are unconditional fans of Earth Wind and Fire, Bowie, Queen, The Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder … which is probably a bit too much for him!

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These atmospheres we find in the image run parallel to your music: one and the other are inseparable to you?

Yes: pictures and music go hand-in-hand! Their bond is very strong for us! In addition, at the beginning of the adventure we wrote three songs. Then we made our costumes. The model designer (Lucy Wavell) gave the first interpretation of our music and our personality. After that, we did our first photo shoot and it was photographer Florent Brunel’s turn to give RoSaWay another dimension. And there it clicks: we have almost changed our music course. it was crazy ! He put his finger on something inside us, which we could not see ourselves. This photo shoot was the beginning of a real adventure for us. Everything Happened: We gained self-confidence (to the point of launching on the American scene) and released three other songs at Stride.

And then 2020! We had a chance to play in January and realized we had to take a turn… or a turn! The project was developed and so did we! This is where the Audrey + Wandy team came into the picture. He has followed us since the last EP Stranger, Saw our development and immediately we had very relevant proposals to make. They completely thought of the image a dreamer From cover through press photos and logos, to clips of the first single “On Your Way Up”. He images everything we had within us, buried under a mattress of doubt, “Yes, but are you sure?” », They left this rash of madness and we are happy!

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“We don’t really know what to expect now… We are following the flow right now and we are following. “

Did you pay special attention to the production: is it also part of the group’s central focus? There is nothing left to chance, which includes those little suggestions we hear here and there?

Thanks, that’s a nice compliment! Yes ! We must admit that we are quite the “control freaks”! “Doing good work” is a virtual passion for us! We had the opportunity to rub shoulders with brilliant artists and musicians, especially Anglo-Saxons, and have to admit that the production is always very close to perfection. It is true that we like to slip small wrinkles here and there. We listen to a lot of music, go to see a lot of concerts and we are very sensitive to musical craftsmanship, which reduces the difference of the small “extras” that some artists have. All this inspires us a lot. These little eyelashes are like a tribute and a “thank you” to what we write.

2020 has been difficult, what are you waiting for 2021? Stage project? Record?

Yes 2020 has been difficult. That being said, we decided to keep only the best aspects: we signed sponsorship contracts, we finalized and released an EP, a music video, a live session, a lot of videos on the network and we have some There are also beautiful proposals. And then, we took time: time to settle, time to reflect, time to take stock, and time to take stock of these three years of RoSaWay.

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Finally, there were some great things as well. We don’t really know what to expect anymore … We are following the flow right now and we are following! But if the concert planned for 2020 can be postponed and more can be added, we will be happiest! A signature with a beautiful production will also not be denied! And then, a live session will be released in February, another clip a little later, a new single for the summer and then, who probably knows a new EP…

a dreamer, Available from RoSaWay. To search on all information official website.

Interview by Belkacem Bahlouli


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