5 Best Netflix Nature Docs You Must See

5 Best Netflix Nature Docs You Must See

Nature documentary on Netflix: Blue of the oceans and amazing colors of wildlife

From endangered glaciers to fragile corals … Today’s Earth Day, in commemoration of the preservation of the planet and climate, VOGUE has selected five of the most beautiful nature documentaries and series to watch on Netflix to raise your environmental awareness.

5 nature documentaries you should watch on netflix

Impressive Netflix Documentary Series: “Our Planet”

It took more than four years to make the film and a team of many completed this colossal project, which has been prepared by director Alister Firegill in collaboration with WWF to bring awareness to the public. The message is already clear in eight episodes titled “One Planet”. It combines excerpts from the next seven episodes, each dedicated to a different ecosystem: deserts, different types of forests, and aquatic environments, all of which are threatened by global warming and human activities. A clever teaser that bombards the audience with sublime scenes as well as drawing attention to the urgency of the situation. The following links strike a fine balance between the warning message, the beauty of the images, and the amazing scenery in which we see the walrus falling from a cliff where they have retreated for lack of space, the tropical insects captured by a fungus . The courtship of their bodies or birds of paradise, similar to a wonderful contemporary dance number.

Organized like a classic documentary series, “Our Planet” does not revolutionize the genre, but with Netflix’s technical and financial resources, the series directs our attention to images that are as dangerous as they are beautiful. So beautiful and unusual are these images that some viewers even assumed they were watching synthetic computer animation. But here everything is real – and our planet is a real miracle.

“Chasing Coral” is available on Netflix

After “Chasing Ice”, which was released in 2012, committed director Jeff Orlowski returns with the second part of “Climate in Peria”. This time it turns into coral reefs. Scientists and photographers are diving into the oceans to alert us to this endangered ecosystem that is about to disappear.

David Attenborough: My Life on Our Planet – A Real Netflix Hit

As the voice of some of the best environmental documentaries of our time, BBC journalist and naturalist David Attenborough deserves a documentary dedicated to his vast career in the service of life on Earth. Produced by Silverback Films and WWF, this unique documentary traces the journey of this philanthropist and more than 90-year-old explorer, telling us about the world. Focusing on the great current challenges of protecting the planet, this stunning film also gives a real message of hope for future generations.

“David Attenborough: My Life on Our Planet”

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Mission Blue – Ready to Stream

Oceanographer Sylvia Earl appeals to the conscience of the people and reminds them of the urgent need to save the oceans. For four years the two directors of this documentary followed this belligerent woman in their works around the world. Pollution, overfishing and climate change are the biggest addresses to the problems. A moving testimony with incredible images.

Life in Color with David Attenborough: Another documentary series with the famed naturalist is well worth watching

From the rainforests of Costa Rica to the icy Scottish highlands, Sir David Attenborough has documented the extraordinary and unprecedented ways in which animals use color. Using a revolutionary camera technology developed specifically for this series, we are exploring how colors invisible to the human eye play an important role in animal interactions. From the ultraviolet signs hidden on the wings of a butterfly to the stripes embossed on the Bengal tiger, this hidden world of colors is more than fascinating.

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