5 Christmas Movies To Watch In November!

5 Christmas Movies To Watch In November!

(ETX Daily Up) – Christmas tree, garland… It’s already Christmas on the streaming platform! As the year-end holidays draw to a close, Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video are already on their 31st! Here are five 100% Christmas movies to watch by the fireplace to wait until December 25.


“Tough Love”

She faced the vampire in “The Vampire Diaries”, now Nina Dobrev has faced “Catfish”. In this romantic Christmas comedy, her character, Natalie, thinks she has found love again with Josh, a handsome, handsome dark-haired man she met virtually on the Internet. When she meets him in person, the heroine learns that Josh is not the person she claimed to be.

by Hernan Jimnezu
Nina Dobrev, Darren Barnett, Jimmy O. with yango
Trailer : Youtu.be/3boMRfx6cjE

“Christmas Flow”

If he plays dancers in “Dance With the Stars” on TF1, Tayc will play rappers in the seasonal romantic comedy “Christmas Flow.” She will face Shireen Butella as a committed and feminist journalist. While Marcus seeks to smooth out his overly sexist image, he meets the young woman in Christmas magic, but not everything is going to go according to plan. as for each other.

Nadège Loiseau. By
With Shirin Boutella and Tyco
Release date: November 17
Trailer : Youtu.be/j60c_YoO88M

“A Castle for Christmas”

Head to Scotland and love Brooke Shields. The actress plays Sophie Brown, a successful American writer who fell out of favor after a scandal. Determined to rest in a castle in Scotland, she then falls in love with the sprawling building she decides to buy. However, the owner is unwilling to give him the keys to his castle and will do everything to ensure that he returns to the United States.

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Mary Lambert
Awake Brooke Shields, Carrie Alves, Lee Rosso
Release date: 26 November
Trailer : Youtu.be/T_JbFba2i6s

prime video

“My in-laws, Noel and I”

If Kristen Stewart will soon play Lady Di in “Spencer” in the cinema, then she plays a completely different role in the comedy “My in-law, Christmas and me.” In love with his girlfriend Harper, Abby discovers that her sweetheart hasn’t come out at all like he told her. A complicated situation for the couple invited to the Harper’s family for Christmas, who must hide their relationship in a very curious family. Problem: Abby was planning to ask her father for Harper’s hand.

de cle duvall
With Kristen Stewart, Mackenzie Davis, Alison Brie
Release date: November 29
Trailer : Youtube.be/vPBDeSn0MZk


“Mom, I missed the plane! (It starts again)”

It is a remake of one of the most famous Christmas comedies. In this new version, little Max Mercer is forgotten at home while his family moves to Japan during the holiday season. Far from being sad, the mischievous little boy will take advantage of this sudden freedom that will be short-lived. In search of an inheritance, a couple has set their eyes on Mercer House. Max will then double down on his inventiveness to prevent them from entering. Traps, attacks and tricks, Max intends to defend his home he loves so much in the end.

Dan Mazer
With Archie Yates, Ellie Kemper, Rob Delaney
Release date: 12 November
Trailer : Youtu.be/MKQbLnYKAFs


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