6 nations 2021. Jeloch Rugrats, Sarin Forgotten on the Bench and Blanker Advisor: Our Notes of the Blues

6 Nations 2021. Jelonch razmoket, Serin oublié sur le banc et Blanquer consultant : nos notes des Bleus

Being bent by your double must be really hard to accept.

It seems that Marchand does not know that he plays rugby. For him, everything is just a long challenge where the bad guys stop him from moving on, but he gets there.

Mohammed Hawes: 6/10

The Scots on the way, they decided not to take any risk. And at risk we are clearly talking about playing rugby.

Yes, Bernard catches a player and puts a jersey on his scribe. His best action.

I will go for a walk at Hans’ place, but only when he invites me, because it does not seem convenient.

These balls are unique with the head between the knees. If one day it breaks, it will be necessary to help fix it. Each match is a dog fight for him, but you have to tell him that the dog fight theory is a fight of two dogs. Is not a man

“Ah, Alldrit took a hit in the face”, By Matthew Lartot. Yes, and a half-century passed, nothing new.

On a controversial test, see the referee to let him know that “Listen to me carefully, you’re going to do what I tell you because we’re going to scratch your car. And if you came by airplane, we would call it Are also going to scratch. “

Get into the lead and hit an overhead for Fickou. This is the worst action since Russell’s drop, which gets aggravated upon seeing the positions in his field of vision.

We understand that he has lost in a match where his direct rival is 10 Federal 1’s: also unexpected for him.

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Vincent remembered that he was playing in Montpellier this week. He said that we make some efforts on the wings, hoping that no one decided to make a pass.

We hear that he did not have a good game. His year of running all over compels supporters to ask for a drop, a rival, 8 chita, 7 ups, 9 successes and a donation to a union.

Bravo Gayle. With this match, you have just questioned all the French wingers and we do not thank you.

With his race as a resounding success there is someone who rolls without Waze in Paris. There is clearly a touch behind Van der Merwe on the Scots’ try to win but the field decision is tough.

Yes, the best score. For us, this last action will not delete what you did during the tournament. However, you have less hesitation in Hafisa Herzi’s film “You deserve a love”.

Romain Taofifenua: 6/10

After a good match against Welsh, Romain struggled against the Scots. You scratched a precious ball last week, but it doesn’t give you a wild card foul on the next game.

Uni was there and she is important.

We admire your aggressive qualities, but neither should your teammates test the world’s worst balls.

It is impossible to rate Serin so we will note Brice Dulin who played 9 more in this tournament than Baptiste.

– But we didn’t let you go 2 minutes ago?
– uh … bah … no … but it’s ok coach worry, let them play.

Good return for chat. She always loves to read Facebook comments before the game.

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I know he was in the composition and was missing a week of work when he could have blackened his brother-in-law’s place, no good.

This is essential in the game plan of the blues: make it believe that we all feel good after slaying the jailbreak.

Jean-Baptiste Gros: 8/10

JB returns well. It keeps on its way and it can get injured soon. But first you have to return to the port.

Jean-Michel Blanchere: 10/10

We remind you that he was a half-century for Colombia in his youth and, therefore, it is legitimate to analyze an international match. He called the blues diesel and it is still unclear whether he was talking about the jeans brand or the engines.

Not rated: Supporters in airplane mode who were blaming the referee, France’s CM Rugby who plays with the Waffles, Finn Russell’s drop and my neighbor who watched the match against “Bark”.


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