60 seconds with James Cordon

60 seconds with James Cordon

Right now, James Corden is optimistic about “90 percent of everything”. He is also afraid of “90% of all things”.

“Without YouTube, and without the Internet, I don’t think our show is anywhere,” says CBS “Late Late Show” host Bill Whitaker in a series of quick fire questions.

The last book James Cordon read?

“Ha Man Man” by Danny Valace Les – a book loosely cast in the Jim Carrey starrer “Ha Man”.

One of the operations that had an impact on him, says Corden, was “Jaz Butterworth’s ‘Mark Reliance in Jerusalem,'” Corden says. “I felt like I couldn’t sit at the end of this play, I couldn’t sleep.”

One thing that James Cordon will accomplish in his life? School.

“I wish someone had told me, ‘Look, you may not need this for your life, but you might just want it for your brain.'” Corden says, , ‘[I] Should [have] It is well known. ”

One thing everyone should know is what James Cordon thinks? “Love and support and trying to understand will always bring the best results.”

Cordon stars with Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman in the December 11 premiere, Netflix movie “The Prom”.

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