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If buying an apartment or house isn’t always easy, imagine what it takes to find a castle. In the most traditional sense, a castle is a fortified residence consisting of a large central building surrounded by defensive walls, observation towers and moat. And castles don’t just exist in fairy tales: many are still habitable and, unsurprisingly, actually attract the attention of celebrities in search of royal heritage assets.

For example, British actor Dominic West has renovated an Irish palace that once belonged to the family of his wife, Catherine Fitzgerald. As for Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, they married in a Scottish castle that has been owned by the actress’ family for nine centuries. Here are the famous palaces that bring an air of fairy country to the modern era.

Kilko Castle in County Cork, Ireland.

Jeremy Irons

In 1998 Jeremy Irons began work to restore the 15th-century Fort Kilko CastleAnd century located off the coast of Ireland. The work was done by local artisans and took six years to complete. Today, the palace can accommodate 13 guests. The master suite has an arched wooden ceiling inspired by the attic of an old French farmhouse that served as a filming location the man in the Iron Mask. The British actor keeps his artwork and memorabilia in the main living room, known as ‘ solar ,

Glyn Castle in County Limerick, Ireland.

Dominic West and Katherine Fitzgerald

After being owned by the family of Katherine Fitzgerald for over 700 years, Glen Castle was put up for sale a few years ago. Eager to preserve the family heritage, landscape architect, her two sisters and her husband, actor Dominic West, decided to purchase this grand Georgian-style residence of 2,000 meters.2 Located along the Irish coast. It is now a retreat for the couple’s family and friends, as well as celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Mick Jagger, who regularly feature on the VIP guest list. , very little has changed Told Dominic West Advertisement in 2019. We only changed the rugs and curtains, but the furnishings remained largely the same. My father-in-law was a collector and had a lot of furniture specifically for the house, so it’s been decades, not centuries. ,

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