9:31 am – Climate – Ms Khatabi calls on Flanders to raise its climate ambitions ahead of COP26

9:31 am - Climate - Ms Khatabi calls on Flanders to raise its climate ambitions ahead of COP26

The federal minister for the environment and climate, Zakia Khatabi, on Thursday evening called on his Flemish counterpart, Zuhl Demir, to show more ambition in the fight against global warming, starting at the end of COP26. Month in Glasgow, Scotland.The federal government should on Friday approve the “ambitions and commitments” of federal climate policy for the period 2021-2030 and which provide a path to a 55% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. But negotiations continue between the regions on “burden sharing” to update the previous agreement – ​​which dates from late 2015 and covers the period 2013–2020, in order to complete the national plan to be submitted to COP26 Can go “Discussions are underway under the Wallonia Presidency” and the Walloon Climate and Energy Minister, Philippe Henri (Ecolo), said Ms Khatabi (also Ecolo) during the Prime event at the RTBF Thursday. -Television. “Till the last moment, talks will take place,” the minister said, recalling that the previous agreement was achieved “at the last minute”. He met with the Flemish Minister Zuhl Demir (N-VA) to raise Flanders’ climate ambitions. “If Ms Demir continues to slow down and does not support her businesses in the transition to re-conversion, she risks seeing (what is happening in Flanders) somewhat like what happened in Wallonia” Was financially suffering after the closure of heavy industries. and metallurgy, she said. “The risk to Flanders remains the same today,” Khattaby assured. The 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference will be held in Scotland from 31 October to 12 November. Ms Khatabi announced on Thursday that she would be moving there with Prime Minister Alexander de Cru (Open VLD). (belga)

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