A book about Ezefon and his celebrities

Azeffoun, par Nordine Grim
Ezefon by Nordin Grimo

KABYLIE (TAMURT) – A book dedicated to the region of Ezefoun, just published by author Nordeen Grimm, originally from this beautiful seaside area, which has inspired an infinity of artists and writers including Al Hadj Mohamed Al Anqa and Tahr has given birth to. Go

It is a book in which the reader can discover many famous personalities in the cultural, artistic, literary or other field with real pleasure. According to the presentation of this work, author Nordin Grimm “attempts to explain the reason for this peculiarity specific to the region, by questioning its turbulent history and the experiences of some of the sixty outstanding personalities from whom he drew biographical illustrations.” These celebrities, it is indicated, have specialized in piercings in these past two centuries, in fields as diverse as art, culture and sport, as well as abroad, in Algeria. Writer Nordyn Grimm was born in the town of Azefon, located sixty-seven kilometers northeast of Tizi Ojou. He is the author of four reference books on the Algerian economy: The Algerian Economy Hostage to Politics, Leaders of the New Algerian Economy, Algeria: The Infinite Transition in Algeria and Entrepreneurs, Power and Society.

He reminds that apart from Tahr Jaut and L N Anka, many other cultural figures such as Mohamed Felag, Hanifa, Rouiched, Boudjema El Ankis, Mohamed Allua, Mohamed and Said Hilmi, Smile Grimm, Yvan Telbom, Mohamed Iguerbouchen are from Ezefon. Hamidou, Abdelkader Chercham, Hadaj Mrijek and the list goes on.

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