“A Castle for Christmas”: Der Soundtrack Zoom Netflix-Film

Like every year, new Christmas movies come out just in time for Christmas. One of them is the brand new Netflix original “A Castle for Christmas.” We have the romantic movie soundtrack for you!

On November 26, Mary Lambert’s brand new Christmas film “A Castle for Christmas” was released on Netflix. The story of successful writer Sophie Brown (Brooke Shields) takes place in Scotland and shows not only a breathtaking backdrop, but also deep emotions and pre-Christmas mood. But what is the romantic comedy “A Castle for Christmas”?

Successful author Sophie Brown (Brooke Shields) is in Scotland looking for inspiration for her new book as well as buying a small castle where her ancestors lived. The unfriendly Duke Miles Dunbar (Carrie Alves) doesn’t even think about selling his house to an American celebrity. In search of a compromise, the two collide and eventually find a solution they can live with.

soundtrack for film

  1. “Superheroes” from Grnland
  2. “Tonight” by Katy Perassone
  3. “Older and Taller” by Regina Spektor
  4. “Falling Through” Von Quiet Houses
  5. “Celtic Heart” Von Starsky & Fox
  6. “Did that day go the way you wanted?” Von Belle and Sebastian
  7. Carte Blanche Von “Jingle Bells”
  8. “Angels from the Realms of Glory” Von Beth Harto
  9. “Wrapped in Red” Von Kelly Clarkson
  10. “We Are Lucky” Von de Mariasi
  11. “She’s the One” Vaughn Robbie Williams
  12. “Love This Christmas” Von Rick Astley

“A Castle for Christmas” – Der Trailer:

A Castle for Christmas – Trailer

What would a film be without music? Perfect – only half thrilling. The story “A Castle for Christmas” is accompanied by famous songs. As in the Christmas movie, the soundtrack has Christmas songs that make the ambiance even more beautiful. Listen and see for yourself!

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