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  A Holiday Home in Scotland |  NDR.de - Television

Young Steffi and her boyfriend Felix are so in love, now that the two finally want to get married. Steffi’s greatest wish is not to celebrate the wedding as part of a huge party with countless guests, but with the closest family members at her beloved holiday home in Scotland. Only her parents and Felix’s single mother Christelle have been invited as guests. However, there’s a small catch: Steffi’s parents have been divorced for two years because father Bernd cheated on his wife, Mary, with his young business partner Jana – and of course now he’s their daughter. Goes with them to the wedding.

There’s another spark between Bernd and Mary

Steffi hopes that the short vacation together will eventually lead to a certain normality between Bird, Mary, and Jana — and that the picturesque property is big enough to avoid each other, if necessary. But it doesn’t take long for Mary, who still hasn’t recovered from the breakup, and Jana to become jealous. No wonder, because suddenly there seems to be a great spark again between Bernd and his ex-wife.

Meanwhile, Felix tries to win the respect of his future father-in-law – but without much success. Even Felix’s mother by her very nature does not contribute to easing the situation. And as if that wasn’t enough hustle and bustle, Steffi surprisingly meets her childhood sweetheart Mark in Scotland, which leaves her very confused, especially since Steffi’s father makes no secret of the fact that she is a nature lover. The boy sees Mark as a more suitable husband for his daughter. The idyllic family vacation in a small circle soon devolves into a turbulent period of jealousy and sensual entanglements – and the actual wedding is yet to come.

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