A new album, a major exhibition and a Dogmatics TV series

A new album, a major exhibition and a Dogmatics TV series

Laughter, René Goscinny and Albert Udero, talented creators, have given millions of readers around the world much to do with the famous little Gallic since 1959.

The new ASTRIX album will be released on October 21, 2021!

They had a pleasant confinement, and crafted an invigorating potion: a new Asterix album to be found in all bookstores in Gaul and the Known World on October 21, 2021!

After Asterix chez les Pictes in 2013, Le Papyrus de César in 2015, Asterix et la Transitalique in 2017 and La Phile de Vercingétorix in 2019, pairing by Jean-Yves Ferry (screenplay) and Didier Conrad (drawing) finishing is putting. Touches this debut. The year 2021 is its 5th collaboration and continues the series created more than 60 years ago by the late René Goscinny and Albert Udero.

The publication’s biggest worldwide success – with over 385 million albums sold in 111 languages ​​and dialects, will welcome a 39th adventure that promises to be rich in adventure once again! And, as of now, Jean-Yves Ferri and Didier Conrad are presenting us a new board as an appetizer before the big banquet next October.

As is traditional (work-study essential!), this is a trip our friends are preparing to take on their 39th adventure. Let’s take a closer look at this mysterious board from Ferry and Conrad: When two of our friends challenge each other to a game of Gallic chess, our friend Druid Panormix, who’s been a little dozen, is shouting “C( confidential) e”!

Who could have troubled him like this in his sleep, and why was he so quick to help? Here are the two biggest secrets of the beginning of 2021:

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Where are our Gallic friends going? And most of all… who could be this “C (Confidential) E”??

In our humble opinion, everything indicates that it is “C (Confidential) E”!!!

With all this, now, at your stake! And see you on 21 October 2021 to know the answer.

For the first time, the world of Asterix on television in 3D animation

For the first time, the world of Asterix comes to television from September 2021 with a series around the Idefy X broadcast by France Television in its children’s proposal Oku. Developed by Albert René Versions, under the generous eye of the late Albert Udero, who oversaw the first stages, the series was produced and produced by Studio 58, a subsidiary of the Hachette Liver Group, in co-production with GMT Productions (Mediavan Group). Image is done. .

It will be distributed worldwide by LS Distribution (Mediavan Group). A 100% French and Armorican production, with o2o studio in charge of the 3D animation and produced by the talented Charles Vouselle, who has the series Oggy et les cockroaches, Paf le Chien and Bienvenue chez les Ronks!

We are in 52 BC. All Lutes is occupied by the Romans… everything? No ! A band of Insoluble Beasts led by Idéfi x still oppose the invader. Following the defeat of the Gallic leader Camulogene against General Labienus, Idefy X organizes resistance with a band of Irreducible, beasts, one more lovable and witty than the other, to defend the Gallic city against the Roman occupiers.

In this prequel to Asterix’s Adventures (we are two years before Idefix’s meeting with Asterix and Obelix in Lutece on the Le Tour de Gaulle d’Asterix album), the little dog evolves into a new universe that respects all codes. Asterix’s success. Dogmatix comes to the aid of those who suffer the consequences of the Roman occupation, helped by Turbines, Baratines and Pedgachix… by Toutoutis, the Romans will lose their Latin!!

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An Asterix L’European Exhibition (3 April – 28 November 2021)

The Château de Malbrook inscribed its grand silhouette in the heart of Europe, a javelin throw from Germany and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, a few kilometers from the Belgian border.

What better setting to welcome our Gallic heroes, tireless travellers, who unionized Europe in their own way through their many travels, whether in Germany (Asterix and the Goths), in Spain (Asterix in Hispania), In Belgium (Asterix in Belgium), or more recently in Scotland (Asterix among the Picts) and Italy (Asterix and Transitalic)?

What better setting to tell the story of the “Old Continent”, the Roman Empire and its borders, even today, the foundation of which was laid by Mosselen Robert Schuman in 1950, only a few years before the publication of the first Asterix. ?


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