A new independence party in Scotland

A new independence party in Scotland

And this is neither more nor less than former SNP leader and Scottish Prime Minister Alex Salmond, who made a presentation on 26 March at the launch of the campaign for the general election. The latter recently experienced legal turmoil (accusations of sexual harassment), then acquitted. He decided to return to politics, but not in his old party, in keeping with one idea: to achieve Scottish independence.

The party was founded in early February 2021 by retired television producer Laurie Flynn. But it was Alex Salmond who quickly became its leader, waiting to be completely cleared and out of any legal proceedings, suggesting that he was the initial instigator.

The purpose of the Alba Party is to build a “socially just and environmentally responsible” Scotland by gaining independence as soon as possible. On 6 April, he published his schedule for the general election on 6 May.

An Iconoclastic Election Strategy

The general election in Scotland takes place in one round and on two separate ballots. Each voter has two votes: the first vote is used to elect a deputy by a ballot with a nominal majority in any of the 73 constituencies; The second is for a list within a region (North East Scotland, South Scotland…). The number of seats for each party is allocated on a proportional basis, taking into account the already allocated seats in the constituencies. And on this rule, Alba wants to play party.

In fact, if a party wins too many seats for a constituency vote, it is weighed on the list ballots to avoid an overwhelming majority. D ‘A Party. Here is an Alba Party strategy summarized by this hashtag: #BothVoteYes. He invites voters to support the SNP for the election of deputation by constituency, while asking them to vote for the list vote, to guarantee the election of a greater number of independent representatives.

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to get MultitudinousAccording to him, the only way to impose the organization of a second referendum on independence, while London had already stated that he was opposed to the idea.

First defection

Almost as soon as the formation of this new party was announced, some delegates and important members of the SNP decided to join Alex Salmond. They include MP Kenny McAskill and former MP Corey Wilson, but also MP Neele Hanway and local councilor Lynn Anderson, SNP national leaders in charge of the fight against inequalities.

Responses to freedom camp

This news was not welcomed wholeheartedly at the freedom camp, especially under the leadership of the SNP, Nicola Sturgeon. The attack has been mainly against Alex Salmond and his legitimacy to hold the official position. While he was accused of sexual abuse. In late March, Nicola Sturgeon announced that she would refuse to deal with Alex Salmond until he apologized to the woman who accused him of harassment. The Scottish Greens, the separatists, also criticized this new party, accusing Salmond of launching retaliation against the Prime Minister.

A few days before the election, the SNP is still given a sweeping winner in the elections. It will be interesting to see if the new party strategy pays off.


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