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A Scottish Business Leader:

The very Scottish Duncan King, amiable and tidy, voted against Brexit and for Scottish independence, “the only way to maintain its place in the European Union”. There is a question of trade, but also, and above all, of conviction.

“Bad for business”

CompanyNet, one of the beautiful arteries of the hyper-center of Edinburgh, in George Street, employs about thirty people at its company, which specializes in IT development. Specifically the design of inventory management software. The company has large groups such as Disney for DVD and Blu-ray management. “We prepared for a tough Brexit just like last year. There are still ten months to the end of the transition period and it is not known what may happen. However, the worst is expected and It is likely that it will be more difficult to promote customers in Europe. But the effect will obviously be even stronger for export and importing companies. Due to customs duties, but also the costs associated with lengthening customs clearance procedures. I am also very concerned about the risks of the general deterioration of our economy… the fall in the pound, the purchasing power… ”

Citizens of the world

But what hurt Duncan the most is that “bad arguments led people to vote to leave Europe. A campaign based on fear and lies, a return in itself, the Great Britain side will be financially strong… it is utopian and dangerous.” Is “. Hence his desire for a new referendum on independence.” I voted in 2014. I would do it again. And perhaps I will not be alone because many were my compatriots, who protested in fear of leaving the European Union in 2014. Financially, this will not necessarily be easy, even though Scotland has many strengths. But, from a political and human point of view, Scotland cannot close itself and stay away from Europe. It is not in his culture. Not particularly, here in Edinburgh, so metropolitan and which voted heavily against Brexit ”(Editor’s note: 75%). If we become independent, we will not just be Scottish, we will be citizens of Europe and the world ”.

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