Act of 400 years ago

Act of 400 years ago

The house got its current presence around 1905 with number 47 at Thingsonson on Anglicher Berg. The history of this place goes back many centuries.

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THESSINGSON – English Mountain is located about 800 meters below the Usain Bridge, on the Thingerson side of Weser. Served as a yacht and tavern for a long time, like the house in Achimer Marsh on the opposite side of Wullar, in the old farm near Mulveather. The name indicates an incident that occurred during the Thirty Years’ War.

The cold of winter, fatigue and lack of food had put the war to rest. But in the spring of 1627, writes the crawler Theodore Muller, the Thirty Years’ War erupted again. England supported King Christian IV of Denmark with money and troops. Charles I (a nephew of Christian) sent four English infantry regiments and a Scottish Mackay regiment, commanded by General Morgan. The MacAe Regiment landed at Gluckstadt on the Elbe in late 1626, where it was dressed and armed.

The following April the army arrived at Vesar and was stationed in Achim area. General Morgan had built a ship bridge over the river near Achim to disturb the enemy. This bridge was secured by the quarries which were built on the Mulleder on the left bank of the Wullar.

In late April, King Christian came to Achim to inspect the facility. On 25 April, he wrote in his diary: “The enemy has given us permission to work quietly so far. I am surprised that he did not attempt to stop it at the beginning of the work. “

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But the king must soon find out why General Eholt was so quiet towards the Thinghouse: Tilly and Wallenstein marched from the Elbe to Schleswig-Holstein with a strong army. Now the greatest concern was the king’s defense of his land. He ordered his generals to leave their positions on Vesar and return with his troops behind Elbe.

However, due to backward pay, the soldiers refused to order and plundered the country. To address these grievances, King Christian sent General Count Thurn, who was able to pay the default wages in Bremen with a loan and reassured the troops on the Weser. On September 20, 1627, General Anholt moved from there to his headquarters in Thünchingson to direct further attack activities.

General Morgan then decided to avoid the fighting, as his English regiment was very weak from illness. His troops marched in the morning, leaving only a small detachment behind. General Eholt then successfully pulled off against Langvedale with 1000 riders on the right bank of the Wenser. At the same time he marched with several cannons to the left bank of the Weser and pushed his opponents back towards Bremen, who under pressure jumped his ski over the English mountain.

However, the evacuation was no longer a complete success and resulted in horror action. Theodore Müller writes: “Many ships, including the crew with many sick and wounded Englishmen, fell into the hands of Shahi with two guns. General Enholt believed that there were two hundred people of English, who were taken prisoner to Vesar without further ado, where they drowned. “To this day, the term” English Mountain “reminds us of this gruesome behavior.

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Oral records say that the first residential building was built around 1730 on the Anglicher Berg. The descendants believe that there was a shepherd’s hut and the ancestors lived through some farming. Finally, fishing, a ferry service and maintenance of a pub were added. sch

A door sign is still reminiscent of the inn, which ceased operations several decades ago (not to be confused with the now-closed Gasthof Beneke in Mulweather, almost next door).

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Around 1935 the ferry served as a postcard design with the ferry home. Anglicer Berg was widely known in the immediate vicinity of Wessler, and inns and restaurants were well included. Motif from Suchintek Collection

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