AEW Dynamite Report – Jericho Challenges Cassidy to Mimosa Mayhem

Thanks to the NBA playoffs, AEW Dynamite didn’t air on Wednesday. Instead, the show was pushed back to Saturday, where it finds itself in direct competition (for most of its length) with NXT Takeover on the WWE Network. On the bright side for AEW, though, Dynamite is airing after the third game in the NBA playoff series between the Indiana Pacers and the Miami Heat, which means they could potentially make some new fans from NBA viewers who stick around.

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AEW Dynamite Report for August 22nd, 2020 Part 1

The show didn’t get started right at 6 PM because the game was still going on, but things finally kick off at around 6:35. Jim Ross welcomes us to Dynamite with Tony Schiavone, and Taz live (I’m pretty sure it’s taped). FTR and Private Party are in the ring, and the first match starts immediately.

Private Party vs. FTR

  • Tully Blanchard is at ringside in an FTR jacket.
  • Private Party take control of the match early on with a flurry of dropkicks on both members of FTR.
  • FTR turn that around with a funny spot where Dax Harwood makes a tag to Cash Wheeler that’s clearly illegal. That causes referee Aubrey Edwards to stop Wheeler, which allows Harwood to cheat by raking Marq Quen’s eyes.
  • Marq Quen gets beat up for a while.
  • A long while. FTR do a great job of keeping him from tagging.
  • But a hot tag is inevitable. When it occurs, a fired-up Isiah Kassidy takes on both members of FTR successfully.
  • But he’s only able to get a two-count on Dax Harwood off a springboard cutter.
  • Kassidy tags back in (too fast for someone who just got their ass kicked for ten minutes), and hits a springboard crossbody on Harwood that gets two.
  • A few unsuccessful pinning combos later, Wheeler tags in and hits a spinebuster, but Kassidy breaks it up.
  • Kassidy tosses Harwood outside, but Tully Blanchard pulls him out of the way when Kassidy tries to follow up with a dive.
  • FTR hits Goodnight Express on Quen, and it’s all over.

That was as good a way as any to open this Dynamite and give leftover NBA viewers a taste of AEW. FTR winning wasn’t surprising, but the match was good, and it advanced the story of Blanchard building his stable of guys that may or may not become the new Four Horsemen. He was crucial in FTR winning tonight.

Jon Moxley cuts a promo on MJF. He says MJF’s promo on him last week didn’t bother him. Where Moxley comes from, the toughest guys don’t hide behind words. But MJF talks a lot. Moxley admits MJF is talented, and he wants him to one day fulfill his potential — move out of his parents’ basement, lose his virginity, and become a world champion. But on September 5th at All Out, Moxley is gonna beat the hell out of MJF. Dynamite goes to commercials.

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MJF, wearing a neck brace, cuts a promo. He brings up a bunch of dictators that were homicidal maniacs, but they pale in comparison to Dictator Jon. He says Moxley attacked him from behind like a coward last week. He really pours it on about his neck injury. He can’t even play with his kids. The whole time MJF is talking, the campaign staffer who he told to smile more a few weeks ago, Nina, is desperately struggling to maintain a smile.

MJF doubles over in pain. His lawyer takes over and sells how dangerous the Paradigm Shift is. He claims five million people signed the petition they posted, asking for the Paradigm Shift to be banned. The lawyer drew up a contract for the match at All Out that specifies the move is not allowed to be used in the match. He says that if Moxley is such a badass, he shouldn’t need that one little move to win a match. He threatens to sue Moxley for everything he has.

Natural Nightmares and Jurassic Express vs. Lucha Bros and The Butcher and the Blade

  • Everyone is in the ring again for this match. No entrances. There will be ring announcements, though.
  • The heels attack before Justin Roberts can announce the match, sending their opponents outside the ring.
  • Lucha Bros hit stereo dives, and then Butcher and Blade bring QT Marshall in for a four-on-one scenario.
  • Marshall holds his own for a bit, but he’s overwhelmed by numbers.
  • Marshall manages to tag out to Dustin Rhodes, who beats up both Butcher and Blade and ends up in control of Blade.
  • But when the ref is distracted by Blade, the remaining heels pull Dustin outside and work him over.
  • Rhodes gets beat up by the heels, mainly Rey Fenix and Pentagon, up to some commercials, and during them in picture-in-picture.
  • Hey, it’s a DC Fandom commercial. God, I’m glad I rarely have to cover comics these days.
  • Luchasaurus gets the tag in right after the commercials. He beats up the Lucha Bros while Jungle Boy hits a bunch of dives to the outside.
  • Luchasaurus and Butcher have a hoss fight. Luchasaurus loses.
  • But QT Marshall tags in and gets some offense for a minute before Lucha Bros take him out.
  • Jungle Boy gets his turn in the ring, but Fenix takes him out too.
  • Dustin Rhodes hits a Canadian Destroyer on Pentagon.
  • That leaves Pentagon and Jungle Boy in the ring.
  • Pentagon gets mad when Blade wants to do a spike piledriver with Pentagon. Pentagon will only do that move with his brother, I guess?
  • Blade shoves him, which counts as a tag. Jungle Boy rolls him up and gets the win.
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As the heels fight, Eddie Kingston comes to the ring and cuts a promo. He tells the two teams they’re better than all the other tag teams, and they only lose when they’re divided. He talks up each man individually. He wants them to walk with him, united. I guess we just saw a new stable form. And I guess that was the true purpose of this match, which featured some cool spots but otherwise never really had a chance to get going.

In a prerecorded segment, Britt Baker is doing rehab in the gym. Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford are there too, working out, and of course, making out. Britt pulls them aside to lecture them on how all the kissing they do can cause cavities. Britt offers them free dental care for a year if Penelope Ford will join her in a handicap match against Big Swole. Ford is reluctant, but when Britt throws in Reba doing her makeup for free too, she’s on board. Dynamite takes a commercial break.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring after the break for an interview with Orange Cassidy. He calls Cassidy to the ring. Best Friends come with him.

Dynamite Interview – Orange Cassidy

Schiavone asks Cassidy for his thoughts on getting the biggest win of his career against Chris Jericho last week. Cassidy has nothing to say. Chris Jericho’s music plays, and Jericho comes out to the top of the entrance ramp with a bottle of The Bubbly and a microphone. Jim Ross talks about recruiting Jericho to WWE back in the day.

Jericho congratulates Orange Cassidy for beating him on Dynamite last week. Jericho says he’s only been pinned three times in AEW, and one of those times was by Cassidy. Jericho says he’s a little embarrassed, but he’s proud of Cassidy for learning from him and proving he can be a main event star. Jericho says he wants to toast Cassidy, but he needs to say something first.

They each have one win against each other so they should have a match to decide who is the best. And he doesn’t want it to be a regular match. He proposes a new match type he created – The Mimosa Mayhem Match. Jericho has a humorous video package to explain the match, which will take place at All Out. Eighty gallons of orange juice is mixed with 500 cases of a little bit of the bubbly at ringside. You win by pinfall, submission, or being tossed into the vat of mimosa.

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Jericho wants to know if Cassidy accepts the challenge. Cassidy gives a half-hearted thumbs up. Jerich is pleased, and he wants to toast Cassidy, but he wants all his friends to be out there to toast him too. The Inner Circle head out and surround the ring. They get up on the apron, and Jerico offers a toast: “here’s to ya.” He takes a swig of bubbly and then orders the Inner Circle to attack. Inner Circle beats down Best Friends and tosses Cassidy into a Judas Effect. Then they hold Cassidy upside down and pour bubbly all over him.

Dynamite goes to commercials with JR promising “hot six-man tag team action.” Ross really knows what turns AEW fans on. Since this match is going to bleed into the second hour of AEW Dynamite, we’ll just go to part two of this report right now. Click down below.

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