Alex Jones burst into tears at Jamie Kullam’s performance ‘Get him a tissue!’ | TV and Radio | Showbiz and TV

  Alex Jones burst into tears at Jamie Kullam's performance 'Get him a tissue!'  |  TV and Radio |  Showbiz and TV

To get to the round of Thursday night’s one-day edition, Alex Jones revealed that Jamie had traveled to the care home in need of some festive cheer. He presented a special exhibition for residents and care workers that was shown with messages from people working at home. After the segment aired, The One Show cut into the studio, where Alex Scott had to ask for tissue for his co-star, who was in tears.

“I literally feel like we’ve gone through every emotion,” Scott turned to his co-host.

Jones could be heard sniffing as she broke down in tears over the heartbreaking video.

“Please tell me how beautiful and special it was,” Scott asked.

As soon as she answered, Jones wiped away the tears: “Oh gosh! That message, it was lovely though Jamie turned up and they were all dancing. “

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“Then when he was seven years old, he found a girlfriend, but he was still benign, he kept her for 20 years and then she died.

“Then the kids on my Twitter feed started making me mad with ‘Free Quan’ and I thought, you know, I’m entertaining, how can I do this?”

“I thought if I didn’t pay attention to them, they would stop. And they didn’t. ”

Alex commented: “So the power of social media led you to the elephant and you got a little help, you made him happy, but then the story gained momentum because you finally managed to move Kwan to Cambodia.

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