Alicia Silverstone replays this mythical scene from “Clueless” with her son

Alicia Silverstone replays this mythical scene from

On the occasion of 26th anniversary of the film no news, Alicia Silverstone reprises her role of Cheryl Horowitz for a video, reprising a mythical scene in the company of her 10-year-old son.

Considered one of the best teen comedies ever, this film no news (1995) celebrated its 26th birthday on Monday 19 July. For the occasion, Alicia Silverstone reprized and reprized the role of young Cheryl Horowitz. A mythological scene with his son, Bear Blue (10 years old). For the occasion, the latter played the father of high school student Melvin Horowitz. like a feature film, the actress wore a white dress – this time a little longer – along with pink pumps. As far as the young man is concerned, he was wearing a suit too big for himself, accessorized with big glasses that fell on his nose.

In the role of the popular teenager in search of love, the actress resumed the film’s dialogues with her son: “What is that?”, asked the young man, voiced by Dan Hendaya. “A dress,” replied Alicia Silverstone lightly. “According to whom?”, exclaimed his imaginary father. “Calvin Klein,” she replied.

The clip ends after Melvin Horowitz compares his daughter’s outfit to underwear. Proud to be the star of this little role-playing game no news didn’t hesitate to share something Behind the scenes pictures from the shoot on his Instagram account.

Generation “Unknown”

For some time now, many fans of the film have been replaying the scene on their social networks. A trend that has developed especially with the advent of TikTok. If the star of the show decided to post this video for the birthday no news, this isn’t the first time she reenacts one of the feature film scenes with her son.

On June 5, Alicia Silverstone had already posted a video on her TikTok and Instagram accounts, in which he wore the famous yellow colored check suit jacket that we see at the beginning of the film. For this excerpt, Bear Blue plays a student who comes to hug Cheryl Horowitz’s shoulders with his arm. The latter pushes him away with hatred. The actress had said in the caption: “I feel like I’m on TikTok now.”

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