Amelie Sande finds love from a woman: “I feel happier than ever”

Amelie Sande finds love from a woman:

singer Emeli Sande Announced that he was in a relationship with a woman again. Actually, the British met a pianist. While she divorced her first love in 2014, the singer looks to her new partner.”love of his life,

The Scotswoman, whom we saw at the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony, met her new partner, whose name we do not know, while studying classical music. He said Metro ,We met through music. And I feel happier than ever. it’s great,Amelie Sande experienced a divorce in the past with a marine biologist Adam Gourguin, With the latter, she was in a relationship for about 10 years, two of whom were married between 2012 and 2014. About their new relationship, the star said: “For me, true love and having love in life makes everything alright (…) so now I feel really completeIn this relationship, the star has made it her priority, as she explained: “I have always loved music and I love my career but now I tell myself that I want to enjoy life and be really happy despite whatever may happen.,

The singer made the announcement after posting the video for her new track. not much on Youtube. Metro The singer was also asked how she would describe her sexual orientation. ,I’m not really sure who I identify with but I think yes I am [bisexuelle]I just tell myself, I fall in love with the one I love“, declared the singer who is not so concerned with these thoughts. This new relationship marks a rebirth for the star, who had a very bad separation from his childhood sweetheart, Montenegrin Adam Gaurugin, with whom he Was in a relationship over the course of 10 years.

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