An ass replaces the lover

An ass replaces the lover

A scenario to fall in love with
Although the subject is not always easy to digest – after all, it is about adultery or the deliberate waiver of a married father – the comedy “Antoinette dons les sevennes” tells an entertaining story, usually in the French style. Donkey Patrick clearly plays the audience’s favorite role. Parting with her is as difficult for the audience at the end of the film as it is for the lead actress.

Apart from Patrick, the picturesque landscapes of Cevennes also stand out. This is by no means a coincidence, author and director Caroline Wignall admits. “It was not just about telling a story. The beautiful landscape also had special significance. I wanted to film the heat, nature and this sky. “His inspiration came from Robert Louis Stevenson’s travel report, which brought many travelers to his tour.” With his film, Wignall has now also succeeded in getting people excited about Stevenson’s Path.

«Antoinette des les Sevenes. My Boyfriend, Donkey and Me », Comedy, 97 minutes, Distributor: Manik Films AG, is now available on demand as well as on Blu-ray and DVD.

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