Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman, soon to be adapted by Amazon


Whereasamerican god Will not be renewed for a fourth season, Neil Gaiman’s work will be available again soon. This time, the series will focus on Mr Nancy and will be divided into 6 episodes. Amazon has clarified that it will not be a derivative series or a sequel to the novel. The author confirmed: ” We are trying to make a new kind of series Anansi Boys And try something new to do something that celebrates diversity both in front of and behind the camera. »

Official pitch announcement:

The young man who is used to being ashamed of his father is not close to Mr. Nancy at all. But when the latter dies, Charlie learns that his father was the Anansi, the evil god of tales. And she learns she has a brother named Spider, who is about to enter Charlie’s life, determined to make it more interesting by making it more dangerous…

While Orlando Jones played Mr. Nancy american godDelroy Lindo will take over the role. The actor is in great demand, the latter has starred in several films such as Malcolm Xhandjob cider house ruleshandjob gone in 60 Seconds, among others. He also participated in many series like good fight Paramount + or . From strange justice. His acting skills recently earned him a Tony Award nomination.

Gaiman, who will take charge of various parts of the miniseries’ production, revealed Hollywood Reporter : « I can not wait to see [la] gravity and [le] Charm [de Delroy Lindo] posted for the benefit ofAnansi Boys, where he played the role of a tortured father with a complicated mind. »

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Produced by Paul Frift with Amazon Studios, The Blank Corp., Endor Productions and Red Productions, the series will be the result of a collaboration between two managers, Gaiman and Douglas McKinnon. There will also be a screenwriter with Lenny Henry, interpreter of the audio version of the first book, and Aravind Ethan David (jagged Little Pill), Kara Smith and Rachel Ofori.

The author will also produce with Henry, McKinnon, Hilary Bevan Jones, Richard Fee and Hannell M.Culpepper (Star Trek: Picard) the latter would direct the pilot with Germaine Julian (grantchester) and Azur Salim (doctor who)

Amazon Studios TV co-director Vernon Sanders said: ” We are so glad that Neil, Lenny and Douglas presented their point of view.Anansi Boys Onscreen for our Prime Video customers around the world. »

In Scotland, no release date is currently planned, despite filming starting this year…


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