Anti-gaming chase long: Hendrick Jin fooled players’ chairs

Anti-gaming chase long: Hendrick Jin fooled players' chairs

Many consider gaming chairs and their design, which is based on racing car seats, to be a terribly disgusting, others simply have no taste (smiley blinks). Scottish gin brand Hendricks clearly has the same opinion, as they come from an ironic look at gaming and its distinctive furnishings.

“Gaming furniture lacks sophistication”

“While we love video games as much as any iconoclastic gin distilled in a small seaside village in rural Scotland, we think current trends in gaming furniture have led to chairs that lack worldly sophistication.” therefore describes Hendrix’s recently introduced alternative to the specific chair is the gin that players place in front of their computers.

The “Gaming Chase” from Hendrick’s Gin is actually sold out, but the daybed costs just under $4,000 for one person. As Tom’s Hardware writes, Chase Long has nothing to do with gaming, which Hendricks also cannibalizes with pleasure.

The piece of furniture was designed to evoke the “joy of many leisure activities,” from card games to chess, backgammon and other board games – not to mention entertainment amongst people (over cocktails, of course). from) with all its subtleties and complications”.

The most important features of the great masterpiece:

  • A fully analog horn with which you can summon other players to play and distribute cocktails or simply celebrate a particularly joyous moment.
  • Expandable weapons are designed for carrying cocktails, playing cards and other real items.
  • Hidden compartments (no rating) for cocktail accessories, classic characters, amulets and other items of your choice.
  • Anti-optimized for computer games, the lounger is perfect for relaxing with a drink, map or novel, as well as for holding conversations or creative daydreaming.
  • Copper design accents inspired by Carter Head and Bennett, two copper drawings used in the inefficient but spectacular production of Hendrick’s Gin.
  • Zero adjustable support! (too many options)
  • Subtle Anti Racing Stripes (Relax and sit down for heaven’s sake)
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